It may be challenging for you to choose the right appliances for your kitchen, especially if you’re looking for an affordable deal. If you want reliable consumer and home appliances to increase your home’s productivity, Bosch has the perfect array of products for you. Bosch specializes in making many home appliances and luxuries, including:

However, your investment in these machines may leave you questioning about any issues you might experience sometime in the future. If your dishwasher suddenly stops halfway through its cycle, you’ll start worrying about setting up some time to do your dishes by hand. We all want everything in our house to work without issues, but even the most capable machines won’t last forever.

Warranty Solutions

Thankfully, Bosch offers its customers different kinds of warranties suitable for the appliance they wish to purchase.

Bosch appliance warranty is the perfect solution for first-time buyers who want to use the best select home appliances to cover any product malfunctions and repairs to maintain your home appliances. If you want coverage that lasts a few extra years, allow us to share some insight for your decision.

Bosch Warranty Registration Options

Before you look into registering your products for extended warranties, you should research some of the plans and services that may be available for you.

Bosch Appliance Service Plan

When registering for a warranty plan, the Bosch Appliance Service Plan could be a solution that works for you. This plan offers flexible term options available after the manufacturer’s warranty for your product expires, and lets you choose between a 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year program. To apply for the Bosch Appliance Service Plan, you must register your appliance via service experts or through an online application.

If you decide to cancel within the first 30 days after signing up for this plan, you can get a full refund.


If you’re looking for other options for Bosch appliance warranty registration, you should consider registering your product with MyBosch. This service can offer you a 10-year warranty for your Bosch washing machine or dishwasher. 

You can simply sign up online and provide information about you and the appliances you want to register for coverage. After registering your product’s model and production code numbers, you are eligible to receive the warranty.

Once you’re registered, your appliances are generally set for a standard two-year warranty. You should be aware that the warranty period starts from the product’s date of purchase. Within the first month of purchase, you can extend your two-year warranty into a five-year warranty.

Bosch Products’ Extended Warranty

When extending your Bosch appliances’ warranty, you must consider the type of machine you have and its model number before you seek out getting an extended warranty.

Through Bosch’s Consumer Extended Warranty Program, you are eligible for an extended warranty. The program allows you eligibility for coverage up to one to three years, starting immediately after the expiration of a product’s manufacturer’s standard warranty.

When registering for an extended warranty online or by contacting a Bosch consultant, you should provide your product’s E-Number, FD, serial number, and purchase date. After confirming the data for your appliance and contact information, you can choose your extended warranty plan. Payment for your extended warranty plan is paid through a bank transfer or cheque.

What an Extended Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Although registering your products for Bosch extended warranty is a simple task to follow, your extended warranty has limitations in what it can cover. Certain conditions and situations for your product aren’t covered for damage or repair. Some of these factors include:

Bosch extended warranties also exclude coverage from loss or damage of products through different situational scenarios, including:

This plan also doesn’t cover direct or indirect loss, damage, or injury to a person or property. It also can’t be transferred between each homeowner. Once you think about all of these components, you are now a step closer to considering your extended warranty options.

Home Warranty Options

If you want coverage for all your appliances, you may want to consider a home warranty as an alternative. People usually apply for home warranties to help with maintaining aging appliances and home systems. There are several advantages to using a home warranty for electronic appliances.


This warranty option is useful for customers due to its universal coverage for all products in a house instead of one type of warranty for one specific product each. Home warranties allow you to save money from buying separate warranties for separate appliances.


With a home warranty, you can save money on repairs through annual premium payments. Depending on your home’s size and the number of appliances you own, the price of these fees may vary between each homeowner. When your unit needs repairs, you pay a fixed deductible to cover the repair fees. You’re given an exact amount without hidden or unexpected expenses.

Coverage Beyond Regular Warranties

As previously mentioned, regular extended warranty programs have limitations for certain damages. With home warranties, you’re able to cover damages caused by wear and tear over time. Unlike standard warranties, home warranties can be transferred once a change in homeownership occurs.


Home warranties also provide options for add-ons, helping you save more money by offering coverage to extra appliances at home.

People Who Benefit Significantly From Home Warranties

A home warranty is often a safe investment for the following situations:

New Homeowners

People who want to buy a new house benefit significantly from getting a home warranty due to the flexible planning for their appliance repair budgets.

Homeowners Who Have Older Properties

If a homeowner purchases an older piece of property, investing in a home warranty helps update and maintain appliance repairs. By doing this, you’re able to keep track of repairs for an existing property.

People Who Sell or Rent Land

If you’re a real estate agent or a landlord, presenting a property to tenants with coverage to all appliances leads to a fair deal. When a home warranty is in place, repairs for damaged or non-functioning equipment won’t come out of your funds, and you can save as much money as the new tenants.

Bosch Dishwasher Warranty

When you purchase a Bosch dishwasher, the standard manufacturer’s warranty is good for about one year for the entire appliance, parts, and labor. Some of the coverage and prices may vary depending on whether you own a freestanding dishwasher or a built-in dishwasher and the product model.

Common Dishwasher Problems

Some common issues that can be present in your Bosch dishwasher include:


The Average Cost of Fixing a Dishwasher Without a Warranty

The typical cost of fixing your dishwasher not covered by a Bosch appliance warranty plan is approximately $150 to $500, with the average price rounding up to $300. Depending on what problem your dishwasher has, how many issues you need to solve, or how old your appliance is, the overall price for repairs may vary.

What Components Are Covered for My Dishwasher?

After the initial first-year coverage for the appliance as a whole, you’re provided limited coverage for certain parts of your appliance between the second and fifth years. These factors include:



Bosch’s dishwasher warranty plan also offers lifetime coverage for rust-through on the inner tub liner. Depending on the deal, you won’t have to worry about corrosion issues in your dishwasher parts.

What Isn’t Covered for My Dishwasher?

While there are some limited coverage features to people who buy Bosch dishwashers, not everything is covered by the warranty. Some of these exclusions are:00


Dishwasher Warranty Costs

When signing up for the Bosch dishwasher warranty plan, the overall cost applies to the dishwasher you purchased with the plan and does not add any costs for your other appliances. If you want coverage for all your appliances, you may want to consider a home warranty as an alternative.


Generally, the price for an extended warranty on your dishwasher after five years costs between $100 to $300, depending on your dishwasher model and initial price. It also costs at least $75 to have a Bosch technician perform their labor services on your machine if your manufacturer’s warranty expired.


If you purchased an extended warranty plan before the product reaches its factory expiration, you wouldn’t pay any deductibles for these services. Additional warranty extension plans that surpass a 5-year plan can cost extra.

Warranty Claim for a Dishwasher

When you encounter issues with your dishwasher, you can reach out for a Bosch warranty claim. When you contact Bosch about your product’s underperformance, you can file your claim and receive a replacement or repair through the company’s service providers.

Bosch Refrigerator Warranty

When you purchase a Bosch refrigerator, the initial manufacturer’s warranty for the appliance as a whole, parts of the appliance, and labor services last for one year. Once the first year passes for your fridge, your initial warranty qualifies for two to five years of coverage.


Suppose you decide to opt for extra coverage with Bosch’s Consumer Extended Warranty Program. In that case, you have to pay additional fees based upon whether or not you decided to purchase an extended warranty before or after buying your product. Factors that aren’t covered by this plan also factor into your product’s coverage.

Common Refrigerator Problems

If you want to troubleshoot a malfunctioning Bosch refrigerator, keep an eye out for any of these issues:


The Average Cost of Repairing a Refrigerator Without a Warranty

When you don’t have a Bosch appliance warranty, the usual price range for refrigerator repairs is approximately $100 to $300. The price can increase due to various factors, including what problems your fridge has, the age, make or model of your fridge, and other labor fees that the repairing service implements. If your fridge has multiple issues, it’ll cost more to fix all of them.

What Components Are Covered for My Fridge?

After the first year of coverage for your fridge’s Bosch appliance warranty, the next few years will provide limited warranty coverage for different parts of your appliance. These components include:



Coverage for your Bosch refrigerator also provides a lifetime limited warranty for rust-through on stainless steel to prevent corrosion inside of your appliance.

What Isn’t Covered for My Fridge?

Although your refrigerator’s warranty covers certain parts of your unit, some services and features aren’t covered. Some of these situations include:


Refrigerator Warranty Costs

When considering an extended warranty plan for your refrigerator, the usual price for the Consumer Extended Warranty ranges from at least $100 to $500. The full coverage you pay depends on the budget you prepared when purchasing your model.

Bosch HVAC/Heat Pump Warranty

While Bosch has a few options for warranty coverage services for many kitchen appliances, they also specialize in providing customers extended warranty options for HVAC products. For example, if you’re looking for a Bosch heat pump warranty, you’ll have to find one that covers any issues that can develop in your unit.


Since HVAC technology differs from one another, there may be specifications for a Bosch HVAC warranty for one type of unit that may not coincide with another unit type. For example, an average air conditioning unit has different manufacturing measures than an all-purpose heat pump.

Typical Heat Pump or HVAC Problems

Although there are many differences and functions between different HVAC units, similar problems can occur in models that are designed similarly. Some of these problems include:


The Average Cost of Repairing a Heat Pump Without a Warranty

If you don’t have a heat pump with a warranty, the usual price for repairs of any scale ranges between $250 to $1,000. The final cost depends on the type of labor and increases with each service. For example, it costs less to fix temperature problems in your unit, at roughly $750 at most, than it does to replace the device’s compressor for $1,500.

What Components Are Covered for My Heat Pump or HVAC Unit?

When you get an extended warranty for your Bosch heat pump, you can choose between the following:


Some Bosch heat pump models may also qualify for a 10-year limited warranty

What Isn’t Covered for My Heat Pump or HVAC Unit?

Since there are limitations and exclusions to warranties for specific appliances, everything cannot be covered to repair or replace your heat pump unit. Some of the components not covered with a Bosch appliance warranty include:


Heat Pump Warranty Costs

If you purchase a heat pump worth a few thousand dollars, the general estimate for an extended warranty for a heat pump is between $500 to $700. Depending on the size or model, the price may shift based upon your needs as a consumer.

Bosch Range Warranty

Bosch offers coverage for your cooking range so you can experience few issues when cooking in your home. If you want a range that has consistent temperatures and is easy to maintain, Bosch offers a handful of solutions to help you save on repairs.

Common Range Problems

Some common issues found in faulty gas range stoves include:


The Average Cost of Repairing Your Range Without a Warranty

It usually costs around $150 to $400 for repairs for your gas range without a warranty. Depending on the type of problems your unit encounters, the number of issues, and labor service fees, the total price may vary.

What’s Covered for My Range?

Some of the items covered with a range warranty include:


What’s Not Covered?

Items not covered in a warranty include:


Range Warranty Costs

If you decide to purchase a Bosch appliance warranty for your range, the average cost adds up to at least $300.


Navigating your warranty coverage can feel confusing at times. Here are straight answers to common questions:

What Happens if My Warrantied Appliance Can’t be Repaired?

If your appliance is covered, you will receive a replacement unit with the same or similar components and functionality.

What are Some Appliances that have One-Year Default Coverage?

Some Bosch products that have one-year coverage for parts, labor and the appliance as a whole include microwaves, vacuum cleaners, cooktops, ranges, and ovens.

Can I Renew an Extended Warranty?

If you want to renew or update an extended warranty, you may have to pay a fee. If you wait for it to expire, you may want to find a new appliance model that offers another warranty renewal option.

How Much Do Warranty Extensions Cost per Appliance?

Costs of Bosch appliance warranties for the Consumer Extended Warranty Program are as followed:


What’s the Average Cost for an Appliance Warranty?

The average cost for a Bosch appliance warranty is at least $500 to over $2000 depending on what deals you come across.

Can I Get Warranties for Other Tools?

You can get a 3-year warranty on Bosch professional blue power tools and measuring devices.

Setting Up Your Warranty

If you’ve decided that signing up for a Bosch appliance warranty is right for you, reach out to them through an online contact form. Another means of communication is using the Bosch warranty contact number at (800) 944-2904, open six days a week from 8AM to 8PM .  You’ll get the answers you need about setting up a Bosch appliance warranty and other appliance care insight from a team of dedicated specialists.


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