Recognized as one of the most popular warranty company, the Amazon Home Warranty extends its services across the sprawling country of the United States. It provides a range of inclusive plans that cover a variety of household items to help secure your wallet against the pricey repairs and replacements of the larger home systems and essential appliances.

Home warranties are plans to protect and secure your household from the inevitable loss in functionality of the common items that make up your home. Everyday household items are subject to the wear and tear associated with frequent use, thus it is believed to be beneficial to opt for home warranties.

Normally homeowners have insurance that protects their assets from special conditions such as an unexpected fire or flood. The catch is that these insurances don’t usually take into account household items breaking down because of their age or use. Home warranties are a good option to help you save money on repairs and protect your household items from becoming irreparably damaged.

To find a company worth your trust is important, and one of the most obvious ways to find what is right for you is to do intensive research on what a company has to offer you. We have made your job much easier. This review contains all the things you need to know to help you make an informed decision to find the most perfect home warranty for yourself.

This review will go over the different plans offered by the Amazon Home Warranty, the coverage available, how it measures against its competition, some frequently asked questions, and how to ask for help from a service provider.

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A Brief Company Overview:

Amazon Home Warranty is located in Columbus, Ohio, and has been in the business for ten years. It provides warranties to appliances and major home systems across the United States, based on their working conditions during the start of the contract instead of their age.

The Amazon Home Warranty company has grown into a well-developed network consisting of more than 40,000 insured and licensed contractors and service providers across the country.

According to BBB, an average of 874 customer reviews ranked this company with four stars out of five, indicating a general customer satisfaction that helped steadily develop its business growth.

Amazon Home Warranty has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for two years, starting from December 2018. It received a ‘B’ rating by the BBB, which translates to a healthy score of 86.99 out of 100. It should be noted that BBB rates-company interaction with its customers without taking into regard the customer reviews themselves. This is to keep the final score is as objective as possible.

The company offers services 24 hours a day and seven days a week and has many five-star customer reviews under its belt. It is not hard to see why it is one of the most popular home warranty businesses around.

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Amazon Home Warranty: Offered Plans

The Amazon Home Warranty offers its clients the ability to make necessary repairs and replacements of their household items. The contracts conveniently make it so that the repair work is done without the need for a home inspection. It is interesting to note that if a suitable replacement or repair can’t be found for a covered item, the company promises to provide an appropriate substitute solution.

Depending on their contract, clients can choose the plan best suited to their needs from three available options. The company however requires its clients to pay a fee of $75 for each service claim, which is payable when the technician arrives for repairs.

Real estate professionals usually have access to plans, however potential clients are required to create an account in order to have more information relevant to their needs. In order to receive a free quote online, you are supposed to provide your personal property information. You will be able to see your quote once a service representative approaches you after you provide the necessary information.

The Amazon Home Warranty also offers frequent promotions. One of these includes how new clients receive one free month after signing up.

The three plans are as follows:

1.      The Essential Appliance Plan ($29/ month)

This plan covers eight basic ‘essential’ appliances that are an important part of any household. This is the cheapest plan available and is ideal for those who have confidence in their household items and don’t require much coverage for them.

These appliances include:

2.      The Major Systems Plan ($36/ month)

The System Plan, as its name suggests, offers to secure eight of the major house systems that are commonly found in homes. This plan is ideal for those who have only recently updated their major house systems, thus still have the manufacturers’ warranty. It is crucial to remember that manufacturer’s warranty and home warranty can’t be merged.

These include:

3.      The Combo Plan ($48/ month)

The combo plan is considered to be the ‘best value’ deal as it is a combination of the Essential Appliance Plan and the Major Systems Plan. The plan offers security that extends to both home systems and appliances, making it one of the best options for homeowners.

The following is a comprehensive list that consists of the 23 items that this plan secures.

Major Home Systems Essential Appliances
Central Heating System Dishwasher
Central AC System Freezer (Stand Alone)
Electrical System Refrigerator (with Ice maker)
Plumbing (Including Stoppages) Clothes Dryer
Ductwork Trash Compactor
Hot Water Heater Range / Oven / Stove / Cooktop
Jetted Bathtub Clothes Washer
Garage Door Openers Microwave Ovens
Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Garbage Disposal
Ceiling Fan
Attic Fan
Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Kitchen Fan / Exhaust Hood
Door Bell 

Bonus: Additional Optional Coverage

Alongside the aforementioned plans, it should also be noted that the Amazon Home Warranty offers ‘Additional Optional Coverage’. Some clients have additional household items that they want to bring under the umbrella of a warranty.  Amazon Home Warranty has designed this plan to provide the additional coverage. Here, the clients are charged monthly for the additional coverage options, where the prices range from $4 to $14.

Additional Coverage Options includes:

Pool ; Spa Central Vac
Additional Central AC Additional Central Heating
Well Pump Lawn Sprinkler System
Overall Humidifier Septic System
Septic Tank Pumping Wine Refrigerator
Freezer (Stand Alone) Additional Fridge
Water Softner Sump Pump
Minimized Roof Leak Water Heater (extra)
Ice Maker Additional Oven
Additional Washer / Dryer Extra Dishwasher
Duplex Additional Microwave

Amazon Home Warranty Conditions

The Amazon Home Warranty ensures the covering of all the appliances and gadgets in your home in the following conditions:

The contract comes with a 30 days of waiting time after which, the policy bought and cemented in for the next 365 days or one year from that point onwards.


The normal cost of an Amazon Home Warranty ranges from $30 to $50, which matches the Industrial average price in the market. A general overview of the price is stated in the following table.

Plan Average Cost
Essential Appliances Plan $29/ month or $349/ year
Major Systems Plan $36/ month or $429/ year
Combo Plan $48/ month or $579/ year

 *Reminder: For each repair clients have to pay a $75 Trade Service Fee (TSF). It should be noted that this fee is with respect to the industry’s estimated rates that range between $75 –$125.

The prices for the Additional Optional Coverage are as follows:

Optional Coverage Price
Limited Roof Leak $6.00
Hot Water Heater (extra) $9.00
Water Softener $4.99
Ice-Maker $5.99
Extra Oven $7.99
Additional Microwave $4.99
Additional Washer/ Dryer $12.00
Additional Dishwasher $5.99
Additional Fridge $5.99
Sump Pump $6.99
Central Vac $9.99
Well Pump $8.99
Septic System $8.99
Wine Refrigerator $4.99
Whole House Humidifier $8.99
Septic Tank Pumping $6.99
Freezer (Stand Alone) $4.99
Pool ; Spa $14.92
Additional Central AC $9.99
Additional Central Heating $9.99
Lawn Sprinkler System $9.99


Pricing depends on four critical things, first and foremost being your location in the country. Other important things include the plan you choose, the additions you make, and the overall  size of your home, measured according to square footage. This is why it is a good idea to get a customized quote from Amazon Home Warranty by calling the help-line number or filling out an online form (both of which are available on the website). A customized quote will help you figure out your requirements for the warranty as well as the best bang you can get out of your buck when it comes to choosing a home warranty company from a pool of different options.

The Availability of the Amazon Home Warranty

The Amazon Home Warranty is provided in 42 states across the country. The 10 states where this warranty isn’t present are California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah, Maine, and Washington.

Readers should keep in mind that the price difference and service clauses differ due to the inconsistent differences in geographical distances between the states. This means that some technicians and service providers take longer to reach some places than others.

Claiming an Amazon Home Warranty

In order to request a service when you come across a faulty household system or appliance, your first move should be to submit a claim to the company. Claims are quick and incredibly easy to place and can be done at any time, on any day of the week.

Five Simple Steps to Requesting a Service from Amazon Home Warranty:

  1. Call Amazon’s toll-free number to file a claim requesting a service
  2. Amazon will arrange a service contractor within two business days
  3. The service contractor will reach out to you to schedule a repair visit
  4. Payment of $75 to the technician who comes for the service
  5. The service contractor repairs/ replace your item.

The company guarantees replacements and repairs for 90 days on item parts, and 30 days on labor.  It is important to note that if the problem persists despite the corrective work done during this period, clients would not have to pay an additional fee to get their item looked at and fixed again.

The technicians providing the services are chosen from endorsed repair companies. Some people prefer to have specific contractors do their repair work. The Amazon Home Warranty company is flexible enough to allow this, though they clearly state that it is necessary to get prior permission if you intend to have your own contractor to execute the repairs. If a customer opts for this option, the Amazon Home Warranty would require to see proof of repair before making the reimbursements.

Repair Time

Customers who made a request for the professional service attention can typically expect an authorized response within 48 hours of making their application. Though the company agrees to speed up the repairs during an emergency, it is clearly mentioned in the contract that only the company would have the right to decide whether a concern is an emergency or not.

A Summary of Coverage

Coverage protects household items from malfunctioning components that are crucial to its basic function. Cosmetic defects, pre-existing conditions, rust or corrosion, and especially issues caused by improper handling are not eligible for the warranty.

Here are some household items and the coverage available for them under the Amazon Home Warranty.

The Electrical system coverage includes service panels, wiring, subpanels, switches, outlets, junction boxes, breakers, and ground fault interrupters. Damage done to the electrical system caused by flooding, fire, rust, corrosion, water, or even lightning will not be covered under the warranty.

Amazon Home Warranty coverage includes clothes washer and dryer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, stove/oven/cooktop, built-in microwave oven, and dishwashers. Additional coverage for items like the stand alone freezer can be bought separately.

You can probably discern how there are certain exclusions to the coverage offered. This brings us to the next section!

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The Limits to Coverage

As is common with most warranty plans, there are some exclusions to the Amazon warranty plans. These exclusions are usually not discerned immediately which makes clients believe that their warranty covers an item even when it’s not.

An example can be seen regarding clogged drains. Though drains with stoppages come under the Amazon Home Warranty, some common reasons for the stoppages such as ‘root intrusion’ are not covered.

Amazon Home Warranty has a limit of $1,500 for each contract item (access, diagnosis, and replacement), unless specified otherwise. A quick analysis demonstrates that the largest coverage limit belongs to the pricey HVAC equipment such as the Air Conditioning System which allows coverage for up to $2,500.

Other items such as the electrical systems, ceiling, and exhaust fans, encased ductwork, water heater, plumbing system, and stoppage, and whirlpool bathtubs have all got a coverage limit of $500.

It should be noted that the additional add-on items not just have different rates as mentioned previously, but also have different coverage limits. So readers should read the coverage details of their contracts thoroughly to understand better what support they are entitled to.

There are also some exclusions based on specific items. A prominent example is of the refrigerator, which though comes under the Amazon Home Warranty, the warranty doesn’t cover parts such as lights, racks, shelves, lighting, doors, handles, hinges, seals, or such things that don’t necessarily impact the item’s main function.

To help you better understand the nuances of contracts, a sample contract is provided online. This will allow you to become more familiar with the company’s terms of service and give you a detailed account of what is covered in the warranty and what isn’t.

Account Cancellation Charges:

The charges and conditions for canceling accounts vary across different states and contracts. Unsatisfied customers from states like Alabama and Arkansas are charged with a 10% penalty for each month, if they don’t cancel within the first 30 days. Meanwhile residents from states like Minnesota are supposed to cancel contracts within 20 days.

Once again contracts differ from one client to another, so it’s best to read your contracts thoroughly in order to avoid paying more than your initial bargain, especially after receiving a penalty. 

Crucial things to consider before signing with the Amazon Home Warranty:


It takes extra time if a professional first comes over to check the damage on a household item and then going back to get the necessary replacement parts. Eliminating a step allows one to significantly speed up the repair/ replacement process.

The company tries its best to ensure that you get the help and support that you need when it comes to faulty household equipment.

The three plan choices allow you to decide which category of household items you need to secure. Like discussed previously, some people would prefer to get a warranty for specific household items, while others would need a warranty that would include the major systems as well as the essential appliances in order to feel secure.

The Amazon Home Warranty is flexible enough to allow you to get your repairs done by your own contractor. This allows the Amazon Home Warranty to stand apart from its competitors as it is against the rules of many businesses do so.

The combo plan allows you to secure your major systems as well as your essential appliances, while also remaining friendly to the budget.


Clients still have to pay $75 to the service provider in order to get the repairs done.

The fine print in the contract clearly states how the item coverage is not 100%. Certain items under the warranty are only partly secured against malfunction. For example, the refrigerator may have a warranty, but its faulty parts such as lights, handles, etc., would not be covered. Unless the item part directly affects the core functioning of the object, the warranty coverage will probably not be extended to it.

Though the warranty extends across 42 states, there are still 10 states where the warranty is not provided. These include the states of California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, and Washington. The inconsistent distances between the states help add to the price differences across the nation.

Though 24/7 help is provided, the type of help is via phone where there are no ‘troubleshooting’ options. Some people find online chats to be incredibly helpful, but there is no professional representative available to answer your questions and guide you to making your item function again. Clients would have to wait around two business days for a technician to come see their faulty household systems and appliances.

There are only a specific number/ type of add-ons which you can secure via Amazon Home Warranty. This warranty does not cover some specific things like garage openers and toasters, which are part of the household items for which some people might need the security of a genuine warranty.

Thus you can see how there are some solid positive as well as some negative points for the Amazon Home Warranty, which weighs differently for customers with differing requirements.

A Quick Comparison with Other Popular Home Warranty Providers

If you weigh Amazon Home Warranty against its competitors, you will be able to gauge its flaws and merits better. I would suggest that you get quotes from some popular home warranty providers to aid in your mission to ‘compare and contrast’. This table provides information about several home warranty providers, with details regarding the age of the businesses, the states they span over, their costs and BBB ratings.

Provider Monthly Cost Service Fee BBB Rating Years in Business


States Covered
Amazon Home Warranty $29 – $46 $75 B 10 years 42 states (Not including CA, IA, ME, MN, NM, OK, UT or WA)
Select Home Warranty $36 – $38 $60–$75 B- 8 years 46 states (Not including NV, NY, WA, WI)
Choice Home Warranty $36 – $44 $60–85 B- 11 years 47 states (Not including CA, OK, WI)
First American Home Warranty $36 – $38 $75 B+ 35 years 35 states (Not including IL, AL, LA, MA, CT, ME, DE, ND, NH, VT, NJ, WI, NY, MN, RI, HI)


This table beautifully illustrates how despite the fact that the premiums of Amazon Home Warranty are slightly higher than that of the industry’s usual, the Home Warranty Company is still priced similar to its competition. This is done on the grounds of its general coverage as well as its limitations. Considering the business’s comparatively nascent age, it still manages to respectably hold its end against its competition with quality service and reasonable prices.

What Others Say About Amazon Home Warranty

While deciding which home warranty to opt for, it is relevant to consider some of the customers’ reviews to help garner a more authentic idea of what the Amazon Home Warranty experience is like. Here are some BBB reviews that describe some of the experiences that people have had with an Amazon Home Warranty.

Daniel F. said:

“Best home warranty company I dealt with within the last 20 years. Arthur signed me up and was able to answer all the questions I had. He promised great service and that’s what I received. Filed a claim and it was fulfilled very quickly. Thank You AHW!”

Isabella S. said:

“Amazon Home Warranty repair was able to repair my dishwasher the next day and was knowledgeable about the mechanics of it and fixed it in about an hour. He left no mess and ran a test cycle, asking that I call if anything didn’t work just right. I didn’t have to call because everything worked perfectly. I highly recommend Amazon Home Warranty.”

Since this is a large company, it receives its share of negative reviews as well.

Sherry B. expressed her frustration when she wrote:

“I end up angry every time I try to place a claim into this company. I have had one claim that was taken care of after much complaining. I regret buying into this scheme (for two houses) mostly on the Amazon name. They make it as difficult as possible to have any claims paid. Buyer beware.”

Going through negative customer reviews as well as the more favorable reviews to help readers understand the concept of home warranty in a more comprehensive way. They are able to distinguish potential issues and gauge whether they are a good fit with the home warranty that they are exploring.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Amazon Home Warranty

Is Amazon Home Warranty a reliable company?

The BBB rating and the many (good and not-so-good) customer reviews prove that this is a flourishing business. The fact that there are prompt responders to concerns 24/7 highlights the overall reliability of the company.

Does Amazon Home Warranty offer a workmanship warranty?

The company offers a workmanship warranty of 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor if the service work performed isn’t able to fix the concern.

Can I buy an Amazon Home Warranty for a rented space?

You can easily obtain an Amazon Home Warranty for a rental property if that is your primary place of residence.

Do you have to pay a Cancellation fee for Amazon Home Warranty?

To cancel your contract you have to pay a Cancellation fee of $30.

Will you get a full refund if you cancel your Amazon Home Warranty plan?

After signing up to the Amazon Home Warranty you get a 30 day period during which you can cancel your plan and get your refund.

Is Amazon Home Warranty affiliated with

Many people make the common error thinking that the Amazon Home Warranty is a branch of It should be known that Amazon Home Warranty has always been an entirely separate company.

What is the procedure of getting a quote from Amazon Home Warranty?

Getting a quote free-of-cost from the Amazon Home Warranty is not as complicated as it seems. It can conveniently be completed and submitted online with your basic personal details such as your name and address. If the warranty coverage is operational in your area of location, you would be able to select your package along with any additional coverage that you might like to include in the plan.

Once this step it completed, you will then get the contract costs, from which you can decide whether you want to pay a large round sum or smaller payments on a monthly basis before you can finally enter your financial details such as credit card info.

Conclusion: Some Final Thoughts

I can’t stress enough on the need to make the right decision for yourself. Only you can gauge your needs and choose accordingly. Ask yourself critical questions about what you require in a warranty. This will help you make an informed decision.

With that said, I believe that the Amazon Home Warranty is a good choice to make overall. It is simple and conveniently offers uncomplicated plans to choose from. While the coverage limits vary, the Combo plan offers a comprehensive value deal that is able to stand its own when compared to other home warranty providers.

It seems like the perfect match for prospective clients who would appreciate the reasonable monthly rates, which are also a formidable match to surrounding competitors’ rates.

Services rendered that include (but are not limited to) the flexibility in allowing you to have your own service providers adds to the charm of this company, and provides sufficient coverage for the average homeowner.

However, the Amazon Home Warranty might not be ideal if you reside in states like Oklahoma, California, Missouri, Iowa, or Washington, or even if you wish to choose your own contractor for making the repairs.

I hope this guide helped you understand how to figure out which home warranty company is perfect for you, and what is required in a warranty to ensure the utmost protection of your household items. You can now see how warranties are excellent to help you stay a step ahead.

Stay safe!


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