The BFS Home Warranty is a privately owned home warranty service that has served customers across the United States for about 50 years, making it one of the oldest service providers in the country. The company offers a range of packages to its clients, enabling homeowners to secure their hard earned savings from costly yet essential home repairs and replacements.

Many people opt for home warranties when they decide that they want to secure and protect their homes from home system or appliance breakdowns. Home warranties are annual contracts that homeowners purchase from companies in order to secure their home systems and appliances from the damage caused by the wear and tear associated with frequent use.

Usually insurance covers repair and replacement costs for the items damaged by unexpected circumstances, but it is known that they don’t provide protection against items breaking down from regular use or age. This is where home warranties come in.  Having a good home warranty is handy as it takes into account the normal aging process of your appliances and home systems, and secures them from losing their functionality.

Finding the right company to provide your household the home warranty it needs is vital. The company you choose must be easy on your wallet, while also providing sufficient coverage to as many household items as possible. In order to find the right fit, you need to do intensive research on prospective companies. Hopefully this guide will help you make a knowledgeable decision whether BFS home warranty is right for you.

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BFS: A Quick Company Overview

The Broward Factory Service (also known as the BFS) is the pioneer of the home warranty industry in the United States. The company was initially set up in 1973, and was known at that time for repairing HVAC and heating. Even now, the BFS is known particularly for attracting home warranty customers because of the way they benefit by the company’s HVAC repair and replacement section.

BFS came into being when the company president, Crockett Herd, who used to work as an electrician, had the brilliant brainwave of expanding his services. His goal was to see to all the main household systems and appliances of the families residing in Broward County. His hard work led to the development of the large network of the BFS home warranty company that exists today.

Since 1973, the BFS Company has spread across the country. BFS has more than 200 employees whose hard work helps provide home warranty services from 18 different outlets. The company outlets cater to home owners across Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona, which are four of the largest states in the nation.  The fact that it currently serves around 35,000 customers highlights how BFS is a significant name in the home warranty business.

Plans and Coverage Options offered by the BFS Home Warranty

The BFS Home Warranty allows its customers to replace and repair their household items whenever their functionality is affected.

Customers have the option of choosing between three different plans namely the Basic Plan, the Deluxe Plan, and the Premium Plan.

It would be helpful to remember that the cost of these plans depend on whether your house is a condo, a penthouse, a duplex, or even a mobile home. The plans listed below are for single family homes.

  1. The Basic Plan: $300 per year ($25 / month)

The Basic Plan is the most affordable plan for a home warranty offered by the BFS. It protects 12 household items that include two air conditioning units along with the electrical and plumbing home systems.

Under the Basic Plan, the following home items are given security:

  1. The Deluxe Plan: $550 per year ($45.83 / month)

Costing $550 annually, the Deluxe Plan offers a home warranty for all 12 items falling under the basic plan, including a few other appliances and systems.

The following is the complete list of coverage under this plan with the additional items highlighted.

  1. The Premium Plan: $700 per year ($58.33 / month)

The Premium Plan is BFS’s most comprehensive plan, designed for maximum coverage. Its inclusivity makes it the most costly option offered by the home warranty company.

The items that are covered in this plan are as follows:

As you might have noticed, the main difference between the Deluxe Plan and the Premium Plan is that the latter offers customers a ‘No Deductible’ Option. Since a ‘deductible’ refers to the Trade Service Fee, customers who are given a ‘no deductible’ option means that they are eligible for receiving an unlimited number of service calls by a certified technician. How neat!

Add-ons Offered by BFS

In order to cater to the specific requirements of different customers, BFS gives its clients the choice of adding coverage to any items that might not fall under the coverage offered by their chosen plan. By paying specifically for the items they want to secure, clients can help BFS flexibly cater to their security needs.

The offered add-ons are specified below, along with their respective costs:

If you are considering BFS to provide security to your home appliances and systems, it is relevant for you to know that if you opt for the Basic or Deluxe plans, you will have to pay the Trade Service Fee (referred to as ‘deductible’) which cost $55 per visit. Meanwhile, those opting for a Premium home warranty package don’t have to pay a Trade Service Fee.

Usually home warranty companies charge about $75 as their Trade Service Fee, which means that BFS’s deductible is significantly lower than that of its competitors.

Payment Options

For customer convenience, BFS has online payment options. Customers can simply visit the company website, and fill in their details on an online form, add in credit card details, and pay their bills. The payments can be made annually or even monthly, whichever is easier for the client.

BFS Home Warranty and the Top Systems and Appliances

Research has shown that there are some home systems and appliances which clients tend to be more concerned about. These items range from washers, dryers, and refrigerators to electrical systems, air conditioning units, plumbing systems, and ovens or stoves.

Here is a quick evaluation of the coverage offered by the BFS home warranty to the top home systems and appliances in every major household.

Refrigerators: though the Basic plan offered by BFS doesn’t provide coverage to refrigerators, security is offered by the Deluxe Plan as well as the Premium Plan. The protection supplied by the plans securely covers all of the functional parts of a refrigerator, along with the integral ice maker and freezer.

Oven / Range / Stove: BFS provides complete coverage to most of the components of an oven, range, or stove. The notable component exceptions are rotisseries, meat probe assemblies, ceramic or glass stove tops, range hoods, and sensi-temp burners.

Electrical Systems: BFS ensures coverage to electrical systems in all of its packages. This means that clients will be able to see to the security of their outlets, circuit breakers, short circuits, receptacles, in-wall switches, and standard switches.

However, it should be noted that BFS does not cover damage to alarms, door bells, intercoms, main breakers, ground fault breakers, and electrical breaker panels. Moreover, BFS’s proffered coverage doesn’t repair or replace damage to electrical systems caused by inadequate wiring capacity, or even by problems stemming from power surges and failures.

Plumbing Systems: signing up for any BFS home warranty package will secure up to three bathrooms for a client. This coverage spans across all damage to faucet washers and seals, toilet tank washers and seals, floats, as well as leaks in drain and water pipes.

It should be known that there are some items that don’t come under the coverage provided by BFS. These items are showers, shower enclosures and base pans, fixtures, sinks, bath tubs, toilets, wax rings, faucets, tubs, water valves, or any sort of water damage.

Clothes washers / dryers: coverage for these household items is not included in the Basic Plan proposed by BFS. Those who opted for the Deluxe or Premium plans will be provided security for the functional parts of their cloth dryers and washers. Protection is not extended to the tubs, soap dispensers, lint and filter screens, or any clothing damage.

Air Conditioner Units: A BFS Home Warranty covers wear and tear damage to the functional elements of central air conditioning units (2 units for each plan), extending to heat pumps and built-in wall units. The air conditioner components that are not part of the coverage deal are humidifiers, filters, filter dryers, ductwork, grills, vents, flues, electronic air cleaners, water towers, programmable thermostats, and window units.

Limits to Coverage

There are many determiners in place concerning the amount of coverage you are eligible to receive. BFS can pay up to $1,500 for repairs/ replacements on some items that are specified in the contract. However, the usual coverage offered by BFS is similar to what is paid by other companies in the industry, which is about $500 for most home systems and appliances each year.

BFS Home Warranty has a policy which stipulates that damages from unknown pre-existing conditions are only catered to if a home inspection was conducted 60 days before signing up for the home warranty. You should be mindful of the fact that BFS doesn’t entertain damages caused due to insufficient maintenance.

Claiming a BFS Home Warranty

After signing up for a plan that befits your needs, you can relax. If you run into trouble with any of the appliances or systems covered by your home warranty plan, you simply need to follow the following steps:

  1. Contact the BFS branch nearest to you OR file a claim online using the company’s online portal
  2. BFS will schedule a service provider visit to your place
  3. Wait for a technician visit
  4. Pay the deductible (Trade Service Fee) to the visiting technician
  5. The technician replaces or repairs your item as needed.

In order to request a repair/ replacement for a damaged household item you can approach the call the BFS branch nearest to your home. Since there is no 24 hour/ 7 day service, you will only be able to call during official business hours on working days.

BFS has an online portal which is available 24/ 7 and can be used to register a claim.

Things to Consider before Signing up for a BFS Home Warranty

Here are a few things that you should know before you opt for a BFS Home Warranty:

According to the BBB, the BFS home warranty business has received an average 2-star rating by six customers. Moreover, BBB has recorded that the BFS has resolved 19 customer complaints over the past three years.

Customers should note that BFS may make alterations to the terms of coverage, as well as change their price at the time of the annual contract renewal. In order to understand what services you are due and what you are required to pay, it would be wise to go through the renewed contract every year.

Customer Feedback

Due to their long company history, BFS has had its share of diverse customer reviews. Take a look at what people have to say about their experiences with this home warranty business.

Richard Ard wrote:

“I wanted you to know, however, that two of your employees…have restored my faith in the American work ethic and have given me hope that there are still individuals and companies in this country that adhere to the same beliefs and ideals ingrained in the people of my generation.” 

Dr. Francis R. Dunphy said:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the outstanding service Broward has rendered to us during the past decade. Your office and service team are outstanding. Your service is thorough, professional, and prompt. We, the community are indeed fortunate to have Broward available to us in this region.” 

However, Tim G complained:

“I am in the second year of service and there will not be a third. During the first year I was charged for a service call that was erroneously caused by BFS. My calls to remedy were either never forwarded to management or the $55 fee was more important to BFS than it was to me. Don’t be fooled by their low price…it might fit your budget but it won’t meet your expectation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people need home warranties?

Home warranties help maintain the functionality of your household items, while also protecting you from the financial strain incurred by making costly but necessary repairs and replacements.

How old should your household items be to secure coverage?

It doesn’t matter how old your household items are, they just need to be functional at the time of signing the contract with BFS. 

Can I get a price quote from the company?

BFS offers prospective customers a chance to see a price quote so they can make a more informed decision while choosing a home warranty suited to their needs. In order to get a quote, you simply have to call any outlet during the business hours. Another way to get a quote is to go on the company website and fill in your details on an online form.

What will I be charged for canceling a BFS Home Warranty?

The BFS does not charge a cancellation fee for unsubscribing to the services. This is significant as most of its industry competition charge a fee to those who want to cancel their home warranties.

Can you buy a BFS Home Warranty if you’re putting your house up for sale?

Yes. It is a good idea to opt for a home warranty when you’re putting your house on the market for selling. A home warranty would help increase the value of your house, while also lowering the time taken to sell it. It would also ensure that your household systems and appliances are in functioning order throughout the process. 

How much is charged for transferring a Home Warranty contract at BFS?

It costs nothing to transfer home warranty contracts, which is the lowest in the industry.

How long does it take to make the repairs and replacements?

Repairs and replacements are usually conducted two business days after the claim has been made, which is lower than the industry standard.

Moreover, BFS makes exceptions in emergency situations, where it provides immediate corrective service within 24 hours. 

Final Thoughts:

The BFS Home Warranty is a good option for those who want an affordable home warranty package that offers a decent amount of coverage. The options for additional coverage allow clients to customize their packages to provide most of their household items with damage protection.

Since the services offered by BFS home warranty are restricted to a limited number of states, this home warranty would suit you the best if you reside in Texas, Nevada, Florida, or Arizona. However, BFS may not be the most suitable choice for a home warranty if you require 24/7 customer services, or simply need a Basic Plan.

BFS offers prospective clients with the chance to get a free quote, which allows you to judge how much a home warranty tailored to your requirements will cost you. This would help you judge if BFS is a favorable choice for you to make to get a home warranty.

If you are a prospective customer, it is vital that you remember that in order to have an ideal home warranty, you need to choose the one that best suits your coverage needs while also being an expense that won’t burden your wallet.

I hope this helps!


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