Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty Review

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For many first-time homeowners, having a home warranty isn’t something that would first cross your mind. But what exactly is a home warranty and how is it different from a home insurance? For starters, you’ll see that a home warranty gives you coverage for items your home insurance doesn’t, such as appliances and home essentials like heating, wiring, and plumping systems. While there are multiple types of home warranties in the market, you’ll want to look for the best plan that will provide you the widest coverage for all your needs at a reasonable fee.

Today, we’re going to be talking about Choice Home Warranty and have an in-depth look into the Choice Home Warranty plans, coverages, extra details, and answer your FAQs before helping you decide if Choice Home Warranty is the right home warranty service provider for you. Do note that all costs, plans, coverage, and information is correct at the date of writing in 2020.

Who is Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty is a home warranty provider that was established in 2008. They stand out among its competitors for its impeccable customer service at a reasonably low price point, making them one of the best home warranty companies in the industry. To ease warranty claims, the Choice Home Warranty customer service helpline is available 24/7 or homeowners could also file for claims through the online Account Center. Choice Home Warranty provides 2 types of comprehensive home warranty coverages with optional add-ons for according to your needs. Choice Home Warranty offers coverages in 47 states across the United States, but it unfortunately excludes California, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Plans and prices offered by Choice Home Warranty

To better suit a larger range of homeowners with different needs, Choice Home Warranty offers coverage in its Basic Plan from $36 a month or its Total Plan from $43 a month. In the Basic Plan, homeowners will be offered coverage for 14 of their major home components while homeowners who opt for the Total Plan will be offered coverage for 18 of their major home components. An optional add-on is also made available to all homeowners regardless of the plan you pick, with prices ranging between $40 to $180 per year.

On average, you’ll find that Choice Home Warranty offers a comprehensive package for a reasonably low price. Their prices are also comparatively lower than their competitors, making them a true value-for-money home warranty provider.

What coverage does Choice Home Warranty offer?

If you’re wondering what would be protected under the Choice Home Warranty plans, you’ll want to read on. Here, we’ll deep dive into the home systems and appliances that are the Basic Plan and the Total Plan protects.

The Basic Plan that starts from $36 a month from Choice Home Warranty will cover 14 items in your household, including:

  • Heating systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Plumbing stoppages
  • Water heaters*
  • Whirlpool bathtubs (If any)
  • Oven or Range or Stove
  • Cooktops
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage disposals
  • Ductwork
  • Garage door opener
  • Ceiling and exhaust fans

The Total Plan that starts from $43 however will cover 18 items in your household including all of the above, with the additions of:

  • Air-conditioning units*
  • Refrigerator unit*
  • Clothes washer units
  • Clothes dryer units

For all these home systems and appliances however, Choice Home Warranty does require you to retain a usual maintenance schedule to ensure that everything would be in proper working order. Your home warranty will come in effect should they break down due to regular wear and tear but may be voided if your home system and appliances show signs of abuse and neglect. For example, your plumbing system would be covered should you require a technician to investigate a leak, but the warranty would be voided if it shows that the breakdown is due to sediment build-ups from a result of neglect.

Separately, here are the additional add-ons that you could include in your home warranty plan at extra costs – regardless if you’ve signed on to the Basic Plan or the Total Plan.

  • Central vacuum system
  • Limited roof leaks
  • Septic system
  • Septic tank pumps
  • Sump pump
  • Well pump
  • Pool or spa unit
  • Second refrigerator
  • Stand-alone freezer

What’s excluded in Choice Home Warranty coverages?

While the list of items included in the home warranty that Choice Home Warranty offers is extensive, it’s also important to note that there are exceptions to some of the units that are covered. Understanding which of these components are not included in your home warranty allows you to better utilize your home warranty plan, ensuring that you wouldn’t have to pay extra to have your items repaired when the time arises. If you’re looking to repair any of these components that aren’t included in your plan, you may look into contacting the manufacturer in case you’re still protected under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Kindly note that there would be a claim limit to your home warranty with Choice Home Warranty. For appliances, we believe this cap begins at $1,500 per item and this would be used throughout the process of your claim such as diagnostics from the technician to parts purchases, repairs, and ultimately appliance replacement should it be beyond repair. This claim limit does not however include the $85 servicing fee that you will have to pay the technician who visits your home.

  • Refrigerator
    • Refrigerator units are typically covered under Choice Home Warranty’s Total Plan. This however only applies if your refrigerator unit is placed in the kitchen itself and does not include the internal components such as the racks or shelves, ice makers, ice crushers, drink dispensers, or refrigerator lighting. The home warranty also does not cover cosmetic damages such as wear and tear to the doors, door seals, handles, hinges, or audio and visual components in the case of a smart refrigerator.
  • Oven, range, or stove units
    • Applicable to both the Basic Plan and Total Plan, you’ll be glad to know that most essential components of your oven, range, or stove units will be protected. This however does not include cosmetic damages and exterior equipment such as handles, knobs, doors, door seals, hinges, lighting, clocks, and rotisserie or grills.
    • There are thankfully no exclusions to whether your oven, range, or stove units are built-in or stand-alone units so you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your cooking unit is included.
  • Air-conditioning units
    • While most components of your air-conditioning units will be covered by Choice Home Warranty’s Total Plan, you should note that it only applies to units that are for home use only. These units should also be ducted and cannot exceed 5 tons. With that said however, you should ensure that your air-conditioning unit is properly maintained with regular cleaning to retain your home warranty claim.
    • Unfortunately, Choice Home Warranty does not include ductless air-conditioning or window air-conditioning units. If you own any of these units, we’d recommend looking into the warranty you have with the manufacturers instead.
  • Clothes washer and dryer units
    • The good news is that most of the components in your clothes washer and dryer units are covered under the Choice Home Warranty Total Plan. This however excludes cosmetic damages and exterior wear and tear such as knobs and dials on your washer and dryer units, doors, door seals, handles, hinges, lint and filter screens, as well as glass. You also cannot make a warranty claim in case of damage to your clothes after using the washer and dryer units, and issues such as noise and venting are not included in your home warranty plan.
  • Water heaters
    • Regardless of the home warranty plan you’ve picked, you’ll be glad to know that water heaters are included in the list of coverage from Choice Home Warranty. This also includes repairs and replacements to the circulating pump and other components to your water heater as needed. The home warranty plan however does not extend to problems in parts such as the insulation blanket, pressure reducing valve, storage tanks, vents, thermal expansion tank, drain pans and lines, and squat.
    • The home warranty also does not include coverage for solar water heaters and its solar components, energy management systems, commercial-grade equipment that exceeds 75 gallons, and finally – tankless water heaters.
    • It’s also important to remember that Choice Home Warranty reserves a right to deny claims to leaks and problems to your water heater arising from the lack of maintenance. This would mean if your water heater components are found to have been broken due to sediment build-up, rust, or corrosion that could be avoided with regular maintenance, Choice Home Warranty may not approve your claims to your home warranty plan.

Essentially, Choice Home Warranty does not include any cosmetic damages in their home warranty claims. This is as they believe cosmetic damages does not hinder the usability of your appliances, although there may be leniency on a case to case basis. If at any time you have any doubts about whether your item is included in your home warranty plan, it’s always good to be in touch with Choice Home Warranty’s customer service team. This would allow you to better understand how you can utilize your home warranty to its fullest.

Meanwhile, here is what we’ve found on the exclusions made by Choice Home Warranty to your home systems. Unlike the claim limit on your appliances however, the home warranty claim limit to your home systems from Choice Home Warranty is capped at $500 per system. This would be utilized throughout the process of your claim including diagnostics from the technician, up to its repairs, parts purchases, and replacements where required. This cap does not include the $85 service fee that would be payable to your technician upon arrival to your home.

  • Electrical system
    • As the electrical system generally leads to a large component to your home, it would be easier to know that most of the system is covered by Choice Home Warranty. Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing damages to your home due to power loss or surges, you would not be able to make a warranty claim as this is not included. Other electrical system issues that are not included are items like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and solar panels for solar-powered items.
  • Plumbing system
    • Plumbing systems in homes are often complicated, hence Choice Home Warranty includes most problems in your coverage. This however excludes minor leaks and breaks in your plumbing system as they can be avoided with regular maintenance and care.
    • However, if your leaks are caused by issues such as freezing, toilet tank issues, toilet bowl and mechanism issues, whirlpool motors, water valves, or permanently installed sump pumps, you will be allowed to make a home warranty claim from Choice Home Warranty.
    • Finally, if your leak was caused by a sewerage clog of up to 100 feet from your home, you will also be able to make a home warranty claim regardless if you’re on the Basic Plan or Total Plan.

We’d like to note however that the list of items that are not included in your home warranty is not exhaustive to what we have listed above. Hence, it’s highly recommended that you check in with the customer service team from Choice Home Warranty to ensure that your components can be protected accordingly.

The pros and cons of Choice Home Warranty

At this point, we can see that Choice Home Warranty does offer a comprehensive home warranty plan at a reasonably low price. Before moving on however, we’re going to quickly discuss the pros and cons of picking Choice Home Warranty.

Pros of Choice Home Warranty

  • Choice Home Warranty is more affordable than its competitors
    As home warranty is a liability you’ll be paying for every month, having an affordable home warranty provider compromising on the range of coverage for your belongings is important.
  • Choice Home Warranty does not discriminate against the age of your home or appliances.
    You will be offered full coverage according to your plan regardless of the age of your home and appliances when you sign on with Choice Home Warranty. This also eliminates the need for a prior home inspection should you sign on with Choice Home Warranty, making home warranty purchases a much simpler process.
  • Choice Home Warranty offers a 90-day repair guarantee
    Choice Home Warranty understands that when things fall apart at times, it may take more than a day to have it fixed. This is why they offer a 90-day repair guarantee from the day of your first technician visit, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having to call a technician again should the item still be faulty within this waiting period. With the 90-day guarantee, you will also be exempted from paying the technician another service fee should they visit you again. In other words, you will only have to pay your technician a one-time $85 service fee for every appliance or home system that requires repairs or replacements.
  • It’s free to cancel your plan within 30 days of signing on with Choice Home Warranty.
    Sometimes your plans can change and the team at Choice Home Warranty understands that. This is why they offer a free cancellation service if you change your mind within the first 30 days of signing on with them. A cancellation can be made by calling their customer service team or logging into the online Account Center.


Cons of Choice Home Warranty

  • Choice Home Warranty is not available in California, Oklahoma, and Washington
    Unfortunately, if you reside in any of these states, Choice Home Warranty will not be able to service you. They do however operate in 47 other states around the United States.
  • Choice Home Warranty does not offer technician selection
    Unfortunately, you will not be able to select the technician who will come by to fix your home system or appliances. This is a selection that will be made by Choice Home Warranty from their trusted network of technicians and will be assigned to you within 24 to 48 hours of your claim. Following that, Choice Home Warranty also will not reimburse claims if you’ve hired your own technician to fix the items in your home so you must avoid engaging with your own technician.
  • Choice Home Warranty plans offer limited customization capabilities.
    Choice Home Warranty offers only 2 plans for your home warranty coverages – the Basic Plan or the Total Plan. This would mean you are not allowed to remove any of the items that are included in the plan to lower the monthly charges, even if you do not utilize them. You are however welcome to include any additional add-ons to your plan for an extra fee. These charges will range between $40 to $180 per year, depending on the item you wish to include and the number of additional coverages you wish to take on. 
  • It may occasionally take longer than 2 days for a technician to be available.
    While you may be assigned a technician from Choice Home Warranty’s network of trusted technicians, it may take between 2 to 4 days before the technician is available to assist you. Do note that these dates are mostly by best-effort estimates and may take longer on weekends or public holidays.


Can I also get a warranty for my mobile home?

Beyond just protecting your home, you’ll be glad to know that Choice Home Warranty also offers coverage for mobile homes in their mobile home warranty plans. Operating similarly to a regular home warranty, a mobile home warranty ensures that your appliances or systems such as wiring, heating, and plumbing in your mobile home – or tiny homes – are covered. Furthermore, Choice Home Warranty offers 2 mobile home warranty plans that start from $36 a month with optional add-ons to your discretion.

If you’re wondering whether it’s necessary for you to sign up for a mobile home warranty, it’s essential to remember that having a home warranty coverage will provide you peace of mind. Having to fix appliances and various mobile home systems can be costly, but with a mobile home warranty, you’ll be glad that most of the repairs required may be covered by Choice Home Warranty. It’s important to note however that the mobile home warranty does NOT include the following:

  • Appliances that are left outside your mobile home – although this does not extend to a pool or air-conditioning unit if any.
  • Businesses in that you’ve turned your mobile home into an on-the-go business entity.
  • If your appliances require maintenance or need to be replaced due to cosmetic defects.
  • Damage to the mobile home caused by natural disasters such as flooding or a fire, or if it has not been kept well maintained where rust or build-up can be found.

Other terms and conditions would also apply to your mobile home warranty, and we’ve found that the customer service team at Choice Home Warranty is more than happy to help. They’re available 24 hours a day, all year round.

FAQs about home warranty Choice Home Warranty

Here are some frequently asked questions that anyone considering Choice Home Warranty has asked – and who knows, these may answer your qualms too.

  • Do I really need a home warranty? The answer is yes – having a home warranty is recommended. With a home warranty, you’ll enjoy peace of mind with the appliances and essential systems in your homes such as heating, wiring, and plumbing.
  • How is having a home warranty different from home insurance? Simply put, having a home warranty protects the smaller details in your daily life as you’ll have coverage for the everyday wear and tear on your appliances and other essentials. A home insurance on the other hand will protect your home from larger disasters such as fire, flooding, and robbery.
  • I’m worried about how reliable Choice Home Warranty can be. Are they a responsible home warranty provider? Absolutely! Choice Home Warranty is an established home warranty provider that first opened in 2008. They have since served over 1,000,000 satisfied customers across 47 states in the United States.
  • I’ve just signed up with Choice Home Warranty, can I make a claim now? Unfortunately, Choice Home Warranty has a 30-day waiting period before your home warranty comes in effect. It’s important to note however that all items that are covered by Choice Home Warranty cannot have a pre-existing condition before your coverage plan begins. For example, if your appliances are already showing signs of deterioration, you should purchase a home warranty plan before it breaks down completely ensure it would be included in your home warranty cover.
  • My home and appliances are old, would this void my home warranty with Choice Home Warranty? Absolutely not. The one benefit about Choice Home Warranty is that they do not discriminate against the age of your home essentials or appliances upon your purchase of a home warranty. You’ll just have to be sure that they are all in working order so you can claim for them accordingly should the need arise.
  • Will Choice Home Warranty come and assess my home or appliances? I’m not comfortable with that. As Choice Home Warranty does not discriminate against the age of your home and appliances that are being covered, they will not have to pre-assess your home for your home warranty to be valid. You’ll only have to be sure that your home essentials and appliances are in working order before you sign on to a plan.
  • What should I do if I want to claim my home warranty? If you need to make a claim with Choice Home Warranty, you’ll just have to contact their customer service team on their hotline or submit a claim using the online Account Center. The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • How long do I have to wait for Choice Home Warranty to assign me a technician? Typically, you will be assigned a technician within 24 to 48 hours from the time of your claim being made.
  • That’s too long! Can I hire my own technician and claim with Choice Home Warranty later? This is not recommended as Choice Home Warranty usually does not approve claims for work done by a technician out of their network. To ensure that you’ll be able to make the best of your home warranty plan, it’s always recommended that you submit a claim with Choice Home Warranty and work only with trusted technicians from the network.
  • What is a service fee and why am I paying extra if I already have a plan with Choice Home Warranty? A service fee is a payable fee to the technicians who visit your home. This is an $85 fee that you will have to pay the technicians, however is included in the Choice Home Warranty 90-day guarantee so you won’t have to pay the technicians for the 2nd time if your appliances break down again within 90 days from the first service.
  • Is there a maximum limit to my warranty claim? Yes, there is a maximum limit to how much you can claim for each of your appliances and home systems. For most of the items such as refrigerators or stovetops, you will be limited to a $1,500 cap while for items such as electrical issues or plumbing matters, you will be limited to a $500 cap. Both of these caps should include the overall process of your claim from diagnostics to repair or replacement if your item cannot be repaired. This limit however may differ from customer to customer, so you’ll want to check in with the Choice Home Warranty customer service team on what your maximum claim limit is.
  • What happens if I hit my maximum claim limit with Choice Home Warranty? In the unlikely event that you’ve exceeded your maximum claim limit, you will unfortunately have to make up for the difference yourself. This is why it’s most important to know how much your maximum claim limit is to avoid unwanted surprises.
  • Can I cancel my plan with Choice Home Warranty? Is there a penalty fee to pay? Yes, you’re allowed to cancel your plan with Choice Home Warranty at any time within your warranty year. You would however be charged a $50 administrative fee for the cancellation, but Choice Home Warranty would refund any fees you have already pre-paid within 3 months of your cancellation.

Why pick Choice Home Warranty?

Having been a home warranty provider for over 10 years, we believe that Choice Home Warranty is a good selection if you’re looking to sign on for a home warranty. Here are some of our top reasons on why Choice Home Warranty is ideal:

  • Choice Home Warranty has a 24-hour customer service team, allowing them to accept your home warranty claims at any time of the day.
  • Choice Home Warranty has an integrated online Account Center system where you can alternatively make warranty claims from your home warranty plan.
  • Choice Home Warranty is one of the most affordable home warranty providers in the industry, offering a similarly comprehensive coverage for your home as their competitors.
  • Choice Home Warranty offers a complimentary home warranty quotation that’s you can book through their website.
  • Choice Home Warranty is available in 47 states around the United States, excluding California, Oklahoma, and Washington.
  • Unlike most home warranty providers, Choice Home Warranty also protects your garage door opener in both the Basic Plan and Total Plan at no added fees.

The final word

While most homeowners take a lot of time and effort into beautifying their homes, having a home warranty often slips their mind. In a study from the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) however, it’s noted that homes with a home warranty service would also sell at a higher price and quicker. This is as home warranties are transferrable, and the new owners will have peace of mind knowing that their homes and belongings will be protected, making home warranties an essential coverage plan that everyone should consider owning.



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Choice Home Warranty Review
Choice Home Warranty Review
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