Satisfaction Guarantee

The company’s motto is that the homeowner comes first, and it sure shows in how they operate. If the client isn’t satisfied with a Fixd employee’s work, the company will reimburse up to $10,000.

Low Service Fee

Service fees in the home warranty industry tend to be high typically. Fixd manages to set itself apart from other companies by charging a low fee of $50.

No guarantee on speed

A common practice for companies in the home warranty industry is to provide a proof on the aspeed of the claim. However, Fixd offers no such guarantee and is important to consider.

Four States:

Fixd operates out of Dallas, Texas. They offer their services in select cities in four different states. These states include Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia.

Fixd is an attractive option for any homeowner that resides in the states they offer service. The combination of their satisfaction guarantee, coverage plans, and the low service fee is a very attractive proposition. Interested homeowners can get a free quote from the company’s plan webpage.

Home Warranty Plans

One of the reasons why homeowners will want to opt for Fixd is their low pricing. Additionally, the company is completely transparent about their pricing and provides every detail that the buyers will need before activating a plan. The company offers four plans, each at a different price, offering a varied range of services.

Fixd Favorite

The Fixd Favorite warranty plan is their most popular and provides impressive coverage. It includes the home’s air conditioning, electrical systems, heating systems, three major appliances, plumbing systems, three small appliances, and a Spring ; Fall HVAC Tune-up. The extended range of coverage and competitive pricing is why the Fixd Favorite is their most popular plan.

Home Systems

The home systems plan is another offering, and it covers several systems of the homeowners. It covers the air conditioning, electrical systems, heating systems, plumbing systems, and the Spring ; Fall HVAC Tune-up.


The appliances’ warranty plan is Fixd’s introductory warranty plan, and it covers major appliances and small appliances.

Whole Homes

Fixd’s most comprehensive offering is the whole home package that covers everything that a homeowner needs. It covers air conditioning, electrical systems, heating systems, 7 Major Appliances, Plumbing Systems, 5 Small Appliances, and Spring ; Fall HVAC Tune-up.

Moreover, Fixd offers three optional add-ons for every single plan. These add-ons are septic coverage, refrigerator coverage, and pool/spa coverage. The company doesn’t offer a whole host of optional add-ons. Most companies in the industry offer optional add-ons that cover guest units, electronics, protection for leaks, and plumbing.

On their own, every single one of Fixd’s plan is comprehensive and offer a variety of options that the homeowners can choose. However, there aren’t a lot of optional add-ons and can make things difficult.

Cost Breakdown

Homeowners that engage in warranty plans have to cover two main costs. The first is the monthly premium, and the second is the service fee. Individuals have to pay the monthly premium every single month, and the service fee upon every visit.

Fixd offers their pricing depending on the size and type of home. The pricing for each of their package is as follows. Houses qualify as being smaller than 6,000 square feet, while Mansions are larger than 6,000 square feet.

Plan Condo House Mansion
Appliances $30/month $35/month $35/month
Home Systems $35/month $38/month $55/month
Whole Home $55/month $58/month $89/month
Appliances $30/month $35/month $35/month

As the table showcases, the company charges between the industry average, which lies between $25-$67/month. For the whole home package, the mansion pricing goes up to $89/month.

However, what makes Fixd so popular is the $50 service fee. It’s significantly below the average industry price of $75.

Why should you choose Fixd?

There are several different reasons why homeowners should opt for Fixd. They operate differently and do their level best to put the homeowner first.

In-house Service Technicians

What makes Fixd so reliable is that all of their technicians are in-house. Unlike some companies that outsource their services to 3rdparty technicians. This can become troublesome if any issues arise while performing the services. However, with Fixd, every technician that they provide Is a Fixd employee, and the company takes full responsibility for their services.

Transparent Pricing

Fixd is completely transparent about all their prices, and there are no hidden charges that the homeowner might encounter. Individuals don’t have to worry about being ripped off.


Another additional feature that makes Fixd so popular is that they offer a guarantee with every job. If the homeowner isn’t happy with the service and any issues arise, the company offers a $10k guarantee.

Strict Background Checks

Every technician that Fixd employs undergoes a strict background check to ensure that they offer competent performance. They don’t just focus on the owner of the company that provides the technicians.

Effortless Home Management

A feature that appeals a lot to homeowners is the Fixd mobile application. It’s available on both iOS and Android. The app allows subscribers to do a lot of things in one simple interface. They can request claims and order services with the ease of one button. Additionally, the app also allows users to track technicians on longer jobs, making homeowners feel more secure. It’s a brilliant feature that showcases the modern outlook of the company.

Quotes and Claims

Homeowners can easily get a quote on their property by visiting Fixd’s home warranty coverage plan. They offer an intuitive application process that allows anyone to apply easily regardless of whether they’re homeowners themselves or real estate agents. This is the only way the company offers a quote; however, there isn’t a telephone number that users can contact.

The company is incredibly flexible while users are trying to submit a claim, and they offer a number of different channels. Users can log in to their account on the website, submit the claims, or choose to submit the claim using the Fixd mobile app. Additionally, another option that the company offer is emailing the claim at Alternatively, homeowners can also file their claims by calling the company at (844)FIXD-NOW

The company generally provides quick service. However, they don’t offer any guarantee on the speed of claim processing. It can take as many as six weeks for the company to file a claim and begin resolution in certain cases. The lack of guaranteed response time is a definite loss in comparison to other companies in the industry.

Pros and Cons

Before homeowners start a subscription to one of the Fixd’s warranty plans, it’s important to consider the complete picture. One of the easiest ways to do this is to compile a list of the service’s pros and cons. Luckily, we’re doing all the hard work, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Here are all the pros and cons of Fixd’s home warranty plans.


Low Service Fee

One of the most significant benefits of opting for Fixd’s warranty plans is the low service fee. Other companies in the industry, on average, charge a $75 service fee. As most homeowners will know, having low service fees is crucial and will help save money. Fixd is a very attractive proposition because of the $50 service fee.

Comprehensive plans

While other companies might offer customizable plans, Fixd takes care of the headache for the homeowners. There’s no need to sort through individuals options and select the ones that you require the most. Fixd offer a plan for everyone based on their requirements. The four plans on sale cover different aspects and are tailored to the requirements of different homeowners. Additionally, the companies offer the same services for each type of house, regardless of whether they own a condo, house, or a mansion. Fixd caters to all types of houses.

In-house Technicians

One of the biggest issues with the home warranty industry is the use of third-party technicians. This can often lead to even more issues when a problem does arise. However, Fixd completely avoids any issues by employing in-house technicians. Every employee that works for the company undergoes a strict background check, and the company takes full responsibility for their performance.

Intuitive App

A reason why Fixd might appeal to more modern homeowners is that they are a more modern service. To offer their subscribers an all in one place to manage their subscription, file claims, and track services, the company built an app. The app is available on both iOS and Android. It allows homeowners to track the technicians on longer jobs, to make them feel more at ease. Calling in any repair services is no longer necessary once you get the Fixd app.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The company’s motto is that the homeowner comes first, and the way they operate showcases exactly that. If the homeowner is dissatisfied with the service or any issues arise, Fixd offers a satisfaction guarantee of up to $10,000. Homeowners can rest assured that the technicians are going to perform in a satisfactory. Even if they don’t, the company offers a guarantee.

While there are several positive aspects to the Fixd home warranty service, there are several issues that hold them back.


No Claim Processing Speed Guarantee

One of the company’s biggest drawbacks is that there’s no guarantee on how fast they’re going to resolve claims. Customers can be left waiting for six weeks in certain cases and is a bad look for the company. Despite the several modern ways, they allow users to file their claims; this is a definite letdown.

Inconsistent Performance

While most users found their technicians competent and performing to a capable standard, that wasn’t the case for all users. Many of them had complaints with the technicians and would reveal that certain issues would take multiple visits to fix. Other companies are capable of offering a high level of performance on a more consistent basis.

Lackluster Customer Service

Even though the company prides itself on putting the homeowner first, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Several homeowners claim that the reps were rude and disinterested in providing helpful solutions.

Important Things To Consider Before Signing With Fixd


Fixd currently offers its services in specific cities in four different states. Before customers engage in a contract, they need to ensure whether Fixd offers services in their area. Users can find out more about the specific cities on the Fixd website

Home Requirements

While Fixd offers several comprehensive plans covering a number of different aspects, the plans are designed with the standard house in mind. If the house has a pool or other features, homeowners are better off opting for warranties that provide more optional add-ons.


How long does the contract last?

A typical home warranty contract will last 12 months. Users can choose to cancel their plan at any time.

Do customers need inspection or maintenance records before buying?

No, there’s no requirement for any sort of records before the customers can buy a plan.

How much will homeowners pay for service on any visit?

Regardless of the nature of the visit or the task’s difficulty, Fixd offers a low $50 service fee.

How long will it take to file a claim?

Unfortunately, Fixd don’t provide any sort of guarantee on how long it can take to file a claim.


Fixd offers a decent home warranty solution for homeowners residing in select cities in Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. The coverage plans are comprehensive even if they might be a bit standard, and the company charges a very low service fee and has decent reviews in general.

However, the company is held back by technicians’ inconsistent performance and the lack of claim processing speed guarantee. As a result, some of the alternative home warranty solutions seem significantly better.


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