Landmark Home Warranty Review is an established home warranty service provider that has been awarded the Best Regional Home Warranty Company in 2020. Servicing residents and businesses across 6 states in the United States, Landmark Home Warranty offers comprehensive and semi-customizable warranty plans for your home systems and appliances.

For first-time homeowners, the term “home warranty” may seem foreign to you. In short, a home warranty is an additional coverage you can purchase to safeguard your home systems and most of your larger household items. Having a home warranty provides you peace of mind as you wouldn’t be caught off guard in paying for repairs or replacement in case your home system or appliances breaks down.

Owning a home warranty plan is vastly different from owning a home insurance plan. With a home warranty, you’ll be protecting the many items within your home that can be repaired or replaced such as your appliances or household systems. This however does not omit the need for home insurance as you’ll still need home protection for unforeseen circumstances such as flooding, fire, burglary, and other damages from any natural disasters – most of which is protected with a home insurance policy.

With that said, it’s important to assume that you will need both a home warranty and home insurance plan to run consecutively. While finding a home warranty service provider may be easy, looking out for one that is reputable and trusted is where the truly difficult task comes in. From hours of research on what every company can provide to creating personal comparisons on which plan can serve you best, picking out a home warranty service provider is an important step to protecting your home and your loved ones.

In this review, we’ll take in-depth looks at Landmark Home Warranty Review to figure out the plans they offer, how they compare to other home warranty service providers and answer some questions you may have always wanted to clear about home warranties.


The history of Landmark Home Warranty

Founded in 2004, Landmark Home Warranty is a reputable home warranty service provider headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing exponentially, Landmark Home Warranty offers home warranty protection to over 70,000 home and business owners in 6 states across the United States including Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

In 2020, Landmark Home Warranty was awarded the Best Regional Home Warranty Company, making it their 2nd consecutive win and 5th overall win in over a decade in business. Priding themselves over impeccable customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer retention, Landmark Home Warranty scores a 3 out of 5 stars from an average of 256 reviews on the BBB.

To make home warranty applications and claims more convenient for customers, Landmark Home Warranty has been continuously upgrading its website, providing a homeowners’ portal for new and existing customers. They also offer a 24/7 customer service hotline in case of emergencies. Through years of experience and never-ending improvements, it’s easy to see how Landmark Home Warranty has become one of the top picks in the home warranty service industry.

So, what is it that homeowners truly like about Landmark Home Warranty and why have they become the Best Regional Home Warranty Company for 2 years in a row? Let’s find out.


What are the plans available from Landmark Home Warranty?

Serving over 70,000 satisfied customers across 6 states in the United States, Landmark Home Warranty offers 2 comprehensive home warranty plans. For residents in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah, these plans will start from $34.17 a month while homeowners in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas will see plans starting from $35 a month. For added flexibility, homeowners may also include optional add-ons according to their needs for an extra fee per household item. To help you decide which home warranty plan would pair best for you, we’ve discovered what’s in-store from Landmark Home Warranty below.

Home Systems Plan from $34.17 or $35 a month

As its name suggests, the Home Systems Plan is a basic home warranty plan that protects most of your major home systems. This is the most affordable plan available from Landmark Home Warranty and covers the items below. Unfortunately, this plan does not cover most household appliances.

Total Protection Plan from $55 or $55.84 a month

For homeowners who wish to purchase an extra peace of mind with their home systems and household appliances, the Total Protection Plan from Landmark Home Warranty would be a better selection. While the premium is indeed higher between the 2, the Total Protection Plan would provide you coverage for your home systems and appliances. Here are the items that are included in the Total Protection Plan:

Optional add-ons to your home warranty plan between $2.08 to $28.33 a month

If you require additional home warranty coverages, you could also include some of these optional add-ons to your plan. This is especially convenient for homeowners who may have multiple units of an appliance or would prefer to customize an ideal plan to fit in their monthly budget. These optional add-ons include:

Before choosing a plan that fits your lifestyle and needs however, it’s important to note that Landmark Home Warranty does not cover home systems and household appliances that already have pre-existing conditions. Therefore, it’s always recommended that you sign up for a home warranty plan before any of your home system or household items begin to show signs of deterioration or damage from regular wear and tears.

Along with these plans, homeowners may also be required to pay for a service call fee if the home system or appliance is not included in your home warranty plan. These fees may range between $60 to $100, although this fee may go up to $195 per call with more expensive treatments such as termite fixes.


What to consider before signing up with Landmark Home Warranty?

As we move into answering some of the frequently asked questions about Landmark Home Warranty, let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of the company and discuss what you should consider before signing up.





Frequently Asked Questions about Landmark Home Warranty

Do you have any questions about Landmark Home Warranty? Here, we’ll try to the cover the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Landmark Home Warranty and hopefully help you decide if they’re the right home warranty service provider for you.

Q: Is Landmark Home Warranty a reliable home warranty service provider?

A: With over 15 years of experience in this industry, Landmark Home Warranty is a reliable home warranty service provider. They have been awarded a B score on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and averages with 256 customer reviews – both good and bad.

Q: Is there a waiting period if I sign up for a plan with Landmark Home Warranty?

Like most home warranty plans in the industry, there is a maturity period of 30 days from the date you decide to sign on with Landmark Home Warranty. If your home system or appliances breaks down before this waiting period is over, you may have to pay for the repairs or replacement by yourself.

Q: What happens if my home system or household item has a pre-existing condition?

Unfortunately, Landmark Home Warranty does not provide coverages to home systems or household appliances that have pre-existing conditions. A prior home inspection report is required by Landmark Home Warranty to ensure your home systems and appliances are in proper working order for your home warranty plan to take effect.

Q: Is there a limit to my home systems and appliances repair or replacement?

A: Yes, there is. With every home system and appliance protected by Landmark Home Warranty, there will be a claim limit that varies per item. If your home system or household item repair or replacement reach the allocated limit, you will have to pay for the difference outside of the claims.

Q: How do I make a report or claim for my home warranty?

A: The easiest way to make a report or claim to repair or replace your home system and household appliances is to open a service request via the Landmark Home Warranty homeowners’ portal. To do this, start by logging into your online account and click on the “request service” button that’s on the upper-right hand corner. After answering several simple questions, your service request will be submitted, and Landmark Home Warranty will then process and assign you a contractor within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also call their customer service representative to make a service request.

Q: Can I cancel my home warranty plan with Landmark Home Warranty, and will I be fined for it?

A: Yes, you can cancel your home warranty plan with Landmark Home Warranty anytime you wish. You will not be fined if you decide to cancel your home warranty plan ahead of its maturity period, but you may have to pay a $40 administrative fee. After all administrative paperwork has been completed, you will receive a 30-day refund. Terms and conditions may apply to the refund process, so it’s best to clear this out with any of their customer service representatives before you cancel your home warranty plan.


Our final thoughts on Landmark Home Warranty

In the end, it’s most important to pick out the home warranty service provider who can assist you best. After all, there are plenty of merits set on Landmark Home Warranty such as their reliability and affordability. Furthermore, they also allow you to choose and semi-customize a home warranty plan that suits your needs. It is however crucial to remember that owning a home warranty policy is a monthly commitment that will add to your financial burden. Picking out what works best to your budget will allow you to rest easy while knowing that your home and family are well-protected thanks to your careful selection.



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