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About Liberty Home Guard

So who are Liberty Home Guard, and why should you care?


Liberty Home Guard is a New York City-based company specializing in home warranty plans. Founded by Benjamin Joseph, they have impeccable ratings across multiple consumer platforms including Consumer Affairs and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


They pride themselves on providing more options for coverage to their customers than other providers on the market today. In other words, they’ll cover a lot more in your home than any other provider.



They also have a network of technicians who have to be LHG-Certified to work on their platform. Each technician is carefully vetted so they can put their full trust in them. Having something like LHG as your home warranty provider can save you hundreds of dollars on a plumber or electrician bills and unless you are familiar with them, results and prices can vary substantially.


It’s important to note, it’s a good idea to have the provider to cover your old and new appliances. Your older appliances are likely to give problems the longer you have them, and even though new appliances from the likes of large retailers come with warranties, they only last for so long.


With a home warranty you don’t have to spend precious time and hassle looking for a technician. You also don’t have to worry about making sure the work technicians complete is up to standard because the hard work is already done by Liberty Home Guard – they hold them accountable for you.


What’s great about Liberty Home Guard, is that they have a list of services that they provide, but they aren’t only limited to those. Let me explain, one customer really liked one of the technicians Liberty sent out and they did a really good job. The customer wanted a home theater installed so they called up Liberty to ask for the same technician.


Not only will Liberty maintain your appliances, but they are also very open to working with their technicians so their customers feel looked after and go above and beyond to make them happy.


An important distinction to make

Let’s not get confused. Liberty Home Guard is not a home insurance provider. In actual fact, they specialize in home warranty plans. What’s the difference you ask?


Home insurance can cost you a few thousand dollars a year and it usually covers you in the event of a major disaster or theft. For example, if lightning strikes. Yes, it does happen infrequently, but when it does, it’s a big deal.


If you want your appliances covered in case they break down or malfunction, you’ll have to take out a separate insurance policy. This is where Liberty Home Guard comes swooping in.


Liberty Home Guard is on the opposite side of the spectrum. They protect you against everyday home appliances and systems that happen more frequently. This is covered where home insurance wouldn’t typically cover you.


For example, they cover things like your fridges, washing machines, dryer, air conditioning, and more. Simply put, they cover you from deterioration of everyday life.

Liberty Home Guard: What plans do they offer?

The Liberty Home Guard Warranty offers its customers a second to none service which allows them to make replacements and repairs of their existing household appliances and systems. The great thing about LHG’s plans is that there isn’t any requirement for a home inspection before repairs or replacements happen. If the technician can’t repair or replace the household item in question, rest assured they will come to an appropriate solution.


Customers of Liberty Home Guard have the option to choose from three different options. Each time a technician visits your home, you are required to pay a service fee of $75 which is payable when the technician visits your home to carry out the work.


In order to sign up for Liberty Home Guards plans, potential customers should set up an online account. You will then get access to a dashboard where you can enter more information about your home so you are shown more relevant information. A representative will then reach out to you with a quote on how much your plan will cost.


Here are the there plans that are available to potential customers:

1. The Appliance Guard Plan ($39.99 per month)

This basic plan does what it says on the tin. It covers a number of important household appliances in your home. This is the cheaper of the three plans available to customers. This plan covers appliances including:



2. The System Guard Plan ($49.99 per month)

This is the next Liberty Home Guard plan and starts at $49.99 per month and covers the systems in your home.  Let’s take a look at what this plan covers:


3. The Total Home Guard Plan ($59.99 per month)

This is the third plan available to customers and includes both household appliance and system coverage. It’s the most expensive but gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is covered in your home. Essentially, it’s a combination of The Appliance Guard Plan and the System Guard Plan together.


Let’s take a look at what this plan covers:


4. Bonus or Optional Add-Ons

Perhaps one of the best things about Liberty Home Guard is their optional cover for other important items. They include:


Coverage Length

After you agree to coverage with Liberty Home Guard, your systems and/or appliances will be covered 30 days after this date. This is generally when Liberty Home Guards accepts payment and reviews your application.


You will have coverage for as long as your contract states. Another important point to note about coverage length is that Liberty Home Guard may opt to renew your contract 60 days before it expires. You’ll get a notification and you can either choose to accept or decline. However, unless you decline then you’ll automatically have your contract renewed.


There is also a cancellation fee of $50.

Are there limits and exclusions to my coverage?

Liberty Home Guard does come with some limitations. It doesn’t cover the maintenance of items the manufacturer suggests frequently cleaning. They do not cover commercial grade appliances and systems. It doesn’t cover any Samsung appliances either.


Another important note, Liberty Home Guard won’t cover the cost of disposing of your appliances, system, or components.


Liberty Home Guard also has imposed a $1,600 coverage limit on most household items. This means that over the duration of your contract, they can only cover replacement or repair of the given system or appliance for up to $1,600.


It’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with their home warranty terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.


Availability of the Liberty Home Guard Warranty

Currently, Liberty Home Guard offers coverage in Washington D.C. and 40 other states. Here are a list of states it does not cover:



It’s important that you are aware of the price differences depending on what state you reside in. This is because it can take longer for a technician to travel to your home depending on where you live.

Claiming a Liberty Home Guard Warranty

To make a claim for a covered appliance or system with Liberty Home Guard, all you have to do is request service. You can do this over the phone or online using their portal. You will have to pay a service fee but once you have paid this you’ll be connected with a technician to schedule an appointment.


The technician will then diagnose the issue and either replace or repair the appliance or system. This expense should be covered.


Repair time

Customers who make a request for services from Liberty Home Guard can expect a repair time frame of about two business days. This is an excellent turnaround time and is under the industry average of around 3 business days.


However, the company is responsible for determining whether or not your situation is an emergency. If your situation is deemed an emergency, you can expect to receive faster than normal repair times.


Liberty Home Guard Warranty Coverage Summary

As you can see, Liberty Home Guard offers an array of different services. Below, are our hand-picked and favorite warranties currently on the market that we think will be most useful for you.


✔️ Clothes dryer home warranty

Your manufacturer’s warranty on your dryer won’t get you very far if you experience wear and tear. It’s not uncommon that large retailers will try to avoid warranting a product leaving you to pick up the pieces.


Typically, manufacturers’ warranties will give you:



You’ll be covered early on, but as soon as some wear and tear starts to happen, it’s normally too late. Here’s what you’ll get with Liberty Home Guard Clothes Dryer Warranty:



✔️ Built-in microwave ovens warranty

With Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty, you’ll get your microwave warranty thrown in too. Here’s what you’ll get with the microwave oven warranty:



If your built-in microwave stops working because of an improper install, your plan will cover that repair so you don’t need to worry.


If your microwave needs to be replaced, Liberty Home Guard will remove the old one and replace at no extra cost. Even if there’s electrical modifications needed, it will all be covered.


Not all home warranty providers will offer coverage for built-in microwaves because they have become popular in recent years, purely because they free up counter space. Liberty Home Guard are always adding to their list of appliances and the built-in microwave is one of them.



✔️ Ranges, cooktops, and ovens warranty

If you have a Liberty Home warranty plan, you’ll be covered so there’s no need to worry. You’ll have cooktop protection so you can start churning those meals only a couple of hours after the failure happens.


It’s no secret as to why you should make sure your stove is covered by a home warranty. They aren’t exactly cheap and can leave you out of pocket if you have to completely replace yourself. An oven and cooktop warranty will leave you feeling reassured that when failures do happen (and they will unfortunately), Liberty Home Guard will take care of repairing it for a fraction of the cost.


As fixing or replacing a cooktop is quite a large job, service workers might not have the time or bandwidth to fix it for you there and then. It’s likely that this will be a drawn-out process requiring multiple visits and can cost you a small fortune.


Home oven warranty will go beyond what a manufacturer will be willing to cover in most cases. Manufacturers will cover you initially for a short period of time and won’t apply to wear and tear problems. Once you have the product for a few years, manufacturers’ warranties won’t be any good.


On average, you can spend up to $200 on repairs for cooktops and that doesn’t even include parts and labor. Having a home oven warranty can save you from running your costs unexpectedly and ensuring that you always have a cooktop working perfectly.


✔️ Dishwasher home warranty

On average, your dishwasher will last you about 10 years, give or take. However, just because it will last you 10 years, doesn’t mean you won’t encounter any problems. It’s likely you will have to have many visits from service workers over the years. In some cases, you can pay up to $100/hour excluding parts and labor.


The Liberty Home Guard Dishwasher Warranty includes diagnosis by a certified and experienced technician in the case of your dishwasher breaking down, leaving a pool of foamy water on the floor.


If you’re someone who hates having to do the dishes by hand, consider getting a Liberty Home Guard Dishwasher warranty.


✔️ Smoke detector home warranty

In most cases, you can live without an appliance like a microwave. However, if you have a hard-wired smoke detector and it malfunctions when you need it most, it can cost you your life.


By having a smoke detector warranty, you can have an experienced and trained technician to visit your house and assess whether the smoke detector is working properly or not. Having this type of warranty is a great way to ensure you sleep well at night keeping your family safe.


✔️ Trash compactor home warranty

It goes without saying, trying to fix a trash compactor yourself is not a very good idea.


This system works by essentially blending biodegradable trash into a paste. It’s then disposed of down the sink drain. Not only is this very convenient, it saves you money on buying extra trash bags and saves space too.


If one day it decides to stop working, you’re in a bit of a pickle. It can be quite expensive to fix without a warranty plan. With anything in life, you only feel the impact when it’s gone.


A quick visit from Liberty Home Guard can have you back up and running within a day.


✔️ Kitchen refrigerator home warranty


Out of the long list of appliances, the kitchen refrigerator is the most meaningful. It’s where you reach for cold drinks on a hot summer day and where you keep your favorite food on a daily basis.


If you’ve ever had your fridge give up on you, you know what it’s like. Suddenly, you’re tasked with eating everything before it goes bad.


Or you can call up a service worker and try to block your ears when they tell you their going rate for repairs.


In general, your fridge will have a 10-15 year life expectancy but you can expect to have issues pop up frequently over that period. For example, you might have problems with the ice maker or it isn’t operating at full capacity.


With a kitchen refrigerator home warranty, Liberty Home Guard can have a service technician get in touch with you immediately and book an appointment to come and fix any problems you may be having so you can keep your food fresh and beverages cold.

✔️ Ceiling fans home warranty

What you get covered with your ceiling fan home warranty:



Comparing Home Warranty Companies


Company Best For Monthly Cost Service




Years in


Liberty Home Guard Trustworthiness $40-$60 $75 A 2 years 41
American Home Shield Overall $50-$60 Up to $125 B 49 years 49
Amazon Home Warranty Best choice of add-ons $29-$46 $75 A+ 10 years 45
Select Home Warranty Lowest Monthly Cost $36-$44 $60-$85 B- 11 years 47


Account Cancellation Charges

Even though customers are entitled to cancel their plans at any time, Liberty Home Guard does fall short in this regard. Across this industry, there is usually a free cancellation if within the first 30 days. However, Liberty Home Guard charges it’s customer a $50 cancellation fee and the cost of any claims.

Pros and Cons of Liberty Home Guard Warranties



Affordable pricing modes: Liberty Home Guard offers affordable pricing models so you only pay what your budget allows. Month to month, one full year, or even multiple-year warranties at once


Customize your plan: Liberty Home Guard offers three core plans. You can also select add ons like pool and spa cover. Mix and match to find your perfect plan


Home inspection not required: There’s no need for a home inspection, regardless of how old your appliances are. Liberty Home Guard will cover them


60-day workmanship guarantee: If your appliance or system fails after a Liberty technician fixes the issue, they will send out another one free of charge


Cancel any time: If you decide you would prefer not to have a home warranty, you can cancel your plan at any time. You won’t be locked into a contract



Coverage limitations: There are some limitations to covering high-end appliances


Not available in all States: You cannot avail of Liberty Guard Home Warranties in certain states. For a list of states available refer to previous sections in this article


Confused with home insurance: It’s common that Liberty Home Guard gets confused with just another home insurance provider. It’s important to understand what you’re buying into before you make the purchase


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

It’s very straightforward. Choose the coverage plan that best fits your needs. When you request cover, you’ll be charged a small sum to initiate the visit. With a Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty, when you need something repaired just follow these steps:


  1. Request it online using their portal or phone (866)  225-7958
  2.  After you pay the fee, Liberty will link you with a service worker to book an appointment
  3. They will diagnose the issue and make sure the problem is covered under the warranty
  4. If everything looks good, the repair will take place
  5. They will follow up by email and make sure you’re happy and the job was completed


Does a technician have to inspect my home before I get a Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty?

No, you don’t. LHG doesn’t require that you have an inspection to purchase a plan. They also won’t refuse coverage if your appliances and systems are out-dated.



Can I choose my own technician?

In some cases you can. Although, in many cases it makes sense for Liberty to assign you a certified contractor based on availability. You get a 60-day guarantee starting from the day the work was completed.



Are there any limits to my coverage?

Yes, there are a few limitations. If your appliances failure is caused by human error or a natural event, it would not fall under their coverage.


The cover is also based on breakdowns that are likely to disrupt your home. Liberty Home Guard does not protect Samsung appliances or systems, commercial grade equipment and places caps of $1,600 on each appliance.


Is there a limit to the number of repairs during my contract term?

No, they do not have a limit. In some cases, there will be cost caps.

Customer reviews of Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard has impeccable ratings for their service. Take a look below at what customers are saying:


“I knew nothing about the company but my agent said they use Liberty Home Guard for the majority of their houses. I can personally recommend this company after using their services on my electrical system. I told all my neighbors to give you guys a try, thanks a ton.” – Ryan, 5-Stars


“When I had problems with my air conditioning they were very compassionate and helpful. Their answers basically were that they would make us a high priority and this was treated like an emergency. They had my entire system back up and running in 2 days.” – Gwenda, 5-Stars


“Last week my refrigerator failed. I called Liberty Home Guard and within 24 hrs I had a service appointment scheduled. The technician was very knowledgeable and professional. He deemed my unit to be irreparable and it needed to be replaced. The equipment was ordered and the final install is due this week. I give them 5 stars and would definitely recommend this warranty to my family and friends.” – Sandra, 5-Stars


Not only does Liberty Home Guard have excellent customer reviews, it’s reviewed by:


Closing thoughts

Liberty Home Guard is relatively new to the home warranty market and has been operating for about 2 years. However, what is encouraging is their consistent 5-star reviews on sites like consumer affairs and BBB. They provide customizable plans that keep their customers the center of attention.


Not only do they cover your appliances, they cover your systems too. They lean heavily on technology to streamline everything and have a network of over 10,000 LHG-Certified technicians which sets them apart from other providers. Consider choosing them for your next provider for a customized plan and will save you money in the long run.


If we had to rate Liberty Home Guard out of 10, we would give them an 8.4/10. They do offer a wide variety of plans and additional add-ons to cater to their customer base. It gives customers a comprehensive and budget friendly way of covering their household appliances. It’s service fees are towards the lower end of the industry average, however, we don’t like that there is a cancellation fee even though you might still be within 30 days.


As the company is still in its infancy, it’s understandable that they cannot provide exact turnaround times for their repair work. Industry leaders who have been around for a lot longer can say more easily how long their repair times are.


Liberty Home Guard is a solid choice for you if:



Liberty Home Guard might not be a good option if:




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