Home warranties are beneficial for homeowners to ensure the security of their major home systems as well as their appliances. Having insurance doesn’t prevent your items at home from the damage caused by wear and tear associated with frequent use; this is where home warranties swoop in. Home warranty companies provide repairs and replacements of home items without draining the wallets of clientele.

Pride Home Warranty is a renowned provider of home warranties across most parts of the United States. It has a great reputation for making home warranties available which are known for having great coverage while also sporting the most budget-friendly rates in the market.

Deciding on which home warranty company to pick for your home protection can be hard. In this review we will explore the coverage, costs, and other things that you should know that would help you make a good buying decision.

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  1. A Quick History of Pride Home Warranty
  2. Plans and Protection offered by Pride Home Warranty
  3. General Cost Overview
  4. Coverage Information
  5. How to Register a Claim
  6. Other Things You Should Consider
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Conclusion

A Quick History of Pride Home Warranty

The Pride Home Warranty Inc. was established in 2008, leading with headquarters in Newark, Delaware. Now with more than a decade in the industry, Pride Home Warranty has extended its services to over 16,000 customers across the United States. The large network of skilled contractors has allowed this company to spread across most states in the US.

This business was founded by Issac Assis, and grew up to eventually hire around 50 to 200 skilled employees, and 17.5 thousand independent contractors. The company spread from Delaware to many states across the US, ranging from Illinois, California, Texas, to New York, eventually generating a revenue totaling  over 7 million dollars.

Proving that hard work pays off, the Pride Home Warranty was nominated for the Home Warranty Insurance Awards in 2019, and managed to secure a medal in the category of Exceptional Service.

Plans and Protection offered by Pride Home Warranty

There are three plan packages offered to homeowners by Pride Home Warranty. Customers can opt for the Major Systems Plan, the Premium Platinum Plan, or even the Platinum Plus Plan. Along with these services, clients can opt for the extra add-ons that they might need to ensure that their home receives the maximum protection against inevitable functional damage.

The cost for choosing a package from the Pride Home Warranty generally falls between

The Major Systems Plan ($299 per year)

For those who have older homes, the Major Systems Plan is an excellent choice. As its name suggests, it offers customers coverage for the major systems within their homes, such as electrical and plumbing systems.

The Major Systems covered in this plan:

The Platinum Plan ($319 per year)

This plan encapsulates home items that are most frequently utilized. Thus, the Platinum plan is most frequently chosen by first-time home buyers.

The home items covered in this package are:

The Platinum Plus Plan ($449 per year)

The Platinum Plus Plan covers four more items than the Platinum Plan. This is an excellent option for larger families who need coverage for home items such as refrigerators, which are quite expensive to repair or replace.

Here are home items that this plans helps secure:

As you might have noticed, the Premium Plus plan offers all the coverage offered by the Major Systems Plan and the Premium Plan, including coverage for Washers/ Dryers as well as Refrigerators.

Additional Add-ons (Optional)

Pride Home Warranty offers its clients a chance to avail extra coverage for an additional price. Opting for these add-ons would allow homeowners to get coverage for those home items that are not part of their chosen plan.

Getting extra coverage depending on their household needs offers great flexibility to clients making them capable of securing most of their home from damage caused by consistent wear and tear.

Here is a list of add-ons that can be chosen by homeowners:

(No pricing details have been given for these add-ons on the company’s website.)

General Cost Overview

The Pride Home Warranty is renowned to be cheaper than most of its competition.

Though the clients are charged according to what plans they take up along with determining factors such as their house size (per square foot), location, etc. here is a general overview of what it costs to opt for Pride Home Warranty.

The annual rate for the basic Home Systems Plan is $24.9 per month, which means that clients choosing this plan have to pay $299 each year. The Premium Plan costs $319 annually, which translates into monthly installments costing $26.6. The most expensive package offered by Pride Home Warranty is the Premium Plus Plan, costing $449 per annum, which means that customers have to pay $37.4 each month.

The cost for the additional add-ons is not listed on the company’s online sources. To request a quote potential customers have to call the company office nearest to them and speak to a customer representative. Though this makes the company more accessible to the clients, most homeowners prefer having a rough cost estimate at hand before they choose to commit to any conversation with the company.

It is relevant to note that the Trade Service Fee that needs to be paid for each technician visit is a low $45 when compared to the industry average of $75. This demonstrates to clients how Pride Home Warranty charges a lower price for its services than other home warranty companies in the market.

Coverage Information

As mentioned previously, the Pride Home Warranty offers coverage to homeowners based on the plan they decide on.

The coverage offered by the Pride Home Warranty can allow repair and replacement costs from $400 to $2,500—$3,000. This is a big deal as most industry competitions only pay for coverage costs of up to $1,000.

How to Register a Claim

Though the process for filing a claim is straightforward, it is important to remember that customers must submit a claim within 24 hours of discovering a damaged household item. There are 3 ways to do so:

After your claim gets accepted, the company will dispatch skilled technicians to pay your home a visit within two business days.

Though normally technicians arrive within two business days after the claim has been accepted, the time may vary depending on whether the claim was filed during after-business hours. Holidays also affect the time taken for the company to respond to a claim.

After a client receives a service, if the problem still persists, the company gives 90 days for parts, and 30 days for labor. During this time frame they do not charge deductibles (trade service fee) even if a service technician makes multiple home visits.

Other Things You Should Consider

Here are some more things that you should know before deciding that Pride Home Warranty is the one for you.

Customer Reviews

Like all companies who have been doing business for over 10 years, the Pride Home Warranty has had its share of positive and negative customer reviews. Here are some prominent negative reviews that make up the brunt of what the company has received recently.

Misti L recounted a bad experience when she wrote:

” I filed a claim pn July 1st to have my AC repaired – It is now July 15th and no one has been to even check it yet. I’ve called Pride a total of 5 times with regards to this claim. Although they set me up  with 2 different contractors, it just so happens that they have told me they no longer do work for Pride Home Warranty…. I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. Someone tried to warn me when I bought my house that home warranties are a scam. I wish I had listened.”


Angela G had trouble reaching out for a service:

“My heating system is broken and I have been trying to contact anyone from this company and no one is answering the phones or returning calls after leaving a message. I have tried different departments with no luck. I don’t know what is going on with this company. They are not doing anything.”


It has been reported that the company has been increasingly unresponsive to its customers as well as prospective clients. This observation has also been filed recently in the BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my coverage effective?

Coverage is effective 30 days after signing the contract, which is a longer time span when compared to the average in the industry.


Do I have to pay for transferring my home warranty contract?

No. Customers can easily transfer their contracts for no charge whatsoever.


Does the company offer a Free Trial?

Prospective long-term customers can receive a one month free trial. Details on this deal can be acquired by reaching out to a customer representative.



Pros Cons
Professional service contractors Problems in communication with clients
Value for money (low monthly and annual rates) Higher chances of claim denials
High coverage (up to $3,000) Doesn’t offer services to ALL states in the United States
Low deductible costing $75 (Trade Service Fee) High cancellation fee ($75)
No fee charged for transferring contract Pricing not available online
Less payment delays  


When choosing a home warranty, it is essential that you choose one that offers maximum coverage to your household items, while also being affordable and accessible.

Overall, the Pride Home Warranty is lauded for being easy on the wallet, and having inclusive plans that come with flexible options for getting extra add-ons. Clients are thus allowed to customize their plans to suit their personal home warranty needs. The Pride Home Warranty provides great coverage to major home systems, as well as common household items.

It should be remembered that though this company has much to offer in terms of excellent services by skilled technicians, it hasn’t received accreditation from the reputable BBB. Moreover, the recent flurry of negative customer reviews has made prospective clients question the company’s reliability and made them wary of choosing Pride Home Warranty to secure their household.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision while you’re hunting for the perfect home warranty for your precious home.









Pride Home Warranty Review


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