Company Name:    Secure Home Warranty

Established:            2015

CEO                         Ms. Frazier-White

Registered in:         Philadelphia

Address:                 1735 Market Street Suite

3750 Philadelphia,

PA 19103

Type of Company:  Private


About Secure Home Warranty

Secure Home Warranty was established in 2015 as Secure Home Warranty LLC and was based in Philadelphia. They aimed to bring affordable and comprehensive protection against home repairs and offered an extensive network of vetted and qualified survive contractors. Their plans were competitively priced and were adjustable according to client needs, and registration was provided on a quick and easy process on their online portal.


Secure home warranty offered a number of plans catered to landlords, homeowners, and realtors. Their initial popularity gathered them a massive influx of customers due to their cost-effective plans that were an enticing alternative to the established home warranty companies in the existing market.


There was an unprecedented number of customer service complaints regarding unauthorized credit card charges and unsubstantiated rejections of customer claims on the Better Business Bureau. The company closed its doors in 2017 after extensive group action lawsuits.


For your interest, I will continue to review the company, explaining what they offered so that you may use it as a point of comparison to our other reviewed and trustworthy sites. The review will be presented as the company provided their plans before they shut down.


What Does the Secure Home Warranty offer?

✔️ Requesting a quote is free and straightforward. The Secure Home Warranty offers an online portal to provide you with free quotes quickly and easily. All that is required is to provide your name, contact number, and zip code, and the details of the home you wish to cover. Alternatively, you may request a quote telephonically at  this toll-free number: 1-888-825-2621


✔️Full 30-day money-back guarantee. To ensure that customers are adequately satisfied with their Secure Home Warranty plan, the company provides a full money back thirty-day guarantee. If you should decide that you no longer want the plan for any reason, the company will refund you your money.


✔️Three competitive plans to suit your needs. Secure Home Warranty offers three different plans plan options:

  1. The Appliance Plan
  2. The Core System plan
  3. Elite Comprehensive plan


The company offers you the freedom to customize your plans to your specific needs by allowing you to add on appliances such as;


✔️ An extensive network of vetted and qualified service contractors. Secure Home Warranty has carefully selected a large pool of skilled service contractors to conduct quality repairs. They consistently monitor the performance of their contractors through a customer satisfaction feedback system to ensure top performance.


✔️No inspections necessary, and no home age restrictions apply. Plans purchased on the Secure Home Warranty system do not require a home inspection. The company also will not deny warranty applications based on the age of your home. It will cover the systems and appliances that are working at the time of your warranty registration.

Secure Home Warranty plans and Pricing

Secure Home Warranty offers three plans with the option to add additional coverage for systems and appliances not covered by the existing plans. These add ons are offered per appliance or per system to accommodate all your particular home needs. The plans are as following:

The Core Plan

Contact Exclusions and restrictions:

Core Plan Price

The yearly Core Plan price is $419.99. Customers have the choice to pay this amount in a single lump sum or divide the payments into twelve separate payments of $38. The payment process is straightforward with the company’s secure online credit/debit card portal.


The Appliance Plan

Appliance Plan Price

The Appliance Plan yearly cost is $419.99. Customers can pay the full amount in one payment or break up the payments into a smaller monthly sum of $38. All payments may be made on the company’s secure online payment portal by debit/credit card.

The Elite plan

Elite Plan Price

The total Elite plan price is $499 per annum. Customers can pay in one yearly lump sum or divide their payments into 12 installments of $42 per month. Payments may be made through the company’s secure online portal through credit/debit cards.


Optional Coverage Add-Ons:



Appliance/System Price Per Month
Pool or Spa $8.33/month
Sump Pump $4.17/month
Well Pump $3.33/month
Additional Heat or Furnace $5.83/month
Additional Air Conditioning Unit $5.83/month
Lawn Sprinkler System $5.83/month
Septic Tank System $5.83/month
Second Refridgerator $3.33/month
Stand Alone Freezer $3.33/month
Roof leak $6.67/month
Second water Heater $4.17/month
Refrigerator Ice Maker $3.33/month
Plumbing and Lighting Fixture $4.17/month
Central vacuum $4.17/month
Water Softener $4.17/month


Additional Costs

Customers will be required to pay an additional cost to their selected Home Warranty plan in the form of a service call out fee of $65. Per visit. You will still be liable for the visit whether your claim will be paid out partly or in full.


Contact Exclusions and Restrictions:


❌ Secure Home Warranty only covers appliance and system repairs that fail due to wear and tear. An appointed service contractor will repair only appliances and systems operational on the completed registration’s effective date.


❌ Each time a customer books a service contractor and Secure Home Warranty dispatches the contractor, the customer will be liable for a $65 service call-out fee. You will be responsible for the payment once the contractor has been dispatched to your home, and each separate issue will be charged as a separate call out.


❌ You are obligated to contact Secure Home Warranty before engaging in service on the broken appliance or system. If you sue your chosen service provider, you will forfeit your claim for the repairs. You may use your chosen service contractor, but the company’s approval must be given before any repairs occur.


❌Your warranty coverage will only become active after 30 days after the receipt of all your payments and premiums. After 30 days, your warranty will be active for a full calendar year following your billing date. If you opt for the monthly payment plan, you will be notified in the tenth month of your impending renewal. If you do not cancel your coverage with a full 30 days before your renewal date, your contract will automatically renew.


❌ If you cancel your agreement within 30 days, you will receive a full refund if it has not yet provided service. After the 30th day, cancellations will receive a pro-rata refund with a $75 cancellation fee and any service expenses claimed from the company.

Customer Service Policy



Secure Home Warranty Pros

✔️ Secure Home Warranty provides short-term coverage for customers who are selling their home

✔️ Dedicated support team available 24/7 365 days of the year

✔️ Specialized plans for customers that own multiple homes

✔️ Full 30-day refund guarantee

✔️ Flexible plans offering multiple appliance and system add ons.


Secure Home Warranty Cons

❌ Removal of old appliances, systems, or any waste created by repairs are not covered under the company warranty


❌Secure Home Warranty has the right to transfer your contract to another home warranty company while keeping the same terms


❌The company lacks transparency regarding its appliance and system payout caps, which makes it challenging to compare prices with other home warranty providers


❌ The Secure Home Warranty claims process is convoluted and inefficient. Instead of a simple claim system whereby claims are logged and service contractors dispatched, the company often takes several days to schedule service. Customers are then told to pay for their service contractor and are not reimbursed for their payments


❌ Customer service operatives are rude and unhelpful and often redirect calls or direct customers to fill online claims that receive no response.


Customer Reviews Secure Home Warranty

The customer feedback regarding this company was overwhelmingly negative. The complaints included:


Other customer complaints were regarding the refusal of second opinions on service contractor fees ( customers had to pay their own service call out for second opinions.) The advertised ‘dedicated support staff’ offered no online assistance and failed to return customer calls. Successful calls were often answered with misleading information and unhelpful advice.

The Lawsuit Against Secure Home Warranty

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office reported 437 unaddressed BBB complaints over three years, and eventually, a lawsuit was filed against the company’s controllers  Alan Maleh and Elliot Ashkenazie, in 2019 (even though the business closed its door in 2017.)

The lawsuit called for a permanent operating ban in Pennsylvania for the controllers named above, and damages were sought as follows:

How to protect yourself from Disreputable Home loan Companies

The Secure Home Warranty LLC’s fraudulent and unconscionable actions were an unfortunate occurrence, but it should not prevent homeowners from seeking out a company with a reputable name. To protect oneself from such fraudulent opportunists, homeowners should follow these guidelines:

⭐ Read third-party reviews of your prospective warranty provider. Although even reputable companies get some negative reviews, be skeptical if your customer review portals are overwhelmingly negative.

⭐Ensure that the customer services are available and responsive. Although companies such as Secure Home Warranty advertised 24/7 customer service, they rarely, if ever, responded to customer requests. If you find it difficult to receive customer service, you will most probably have issues with your claims.

⭐Request a sample contract before you sign any deals. Sample contacts can give customers access to the fine print often glossed over during the registration process. You should familiarize yourself with company policy, exclusions, and hidden costs such as cancellations and transferring of plans into another name.

⭐ Ensure that a claims service period is included in your contract. There should be a maximum time frame to address claims in your contract. Failure to provide a turnaround time limit could mean that you may have to pay for emergencies out of your own pocket. Reputable companies usually offer a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.


⭐ Length of company operation. Although new warranty companies may be entirely above board in their operations, it is always safer to sign with companies that have built up their reputations over a number of years.


Although the Secure Home Warranty was a sad, unfortunate affair, we can use the experience better to guide ourselves in our choice of home warranty provider. The BBB is a good place to begin your search, and their rating is a fairly accurate reflection of the kind of service to expect from your home warranty company.

Luckily there are reputable and established home warranty companies to chose from, and you need never have dealings with such a dishonorable company.

When Secure Home Warranty was in business, its claims process was convoluted and prompted the many complaints. Ideally, the customer would submit a claim, Secure

















What Happened to Secure Home Warranty?

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