According to TechCrunch, more than $300 billion are spent annually on home repairs and maintenance by home owners in the U.S. Additionally, there are hidden cost as well. It can be extremely costly to go ahead with your much-needed repairs if the costs attached are so high. To repair or not to repair – that’s a dilemma faced by many.

Fortunately, a relatively new startup, Super, has come up with a solution for this problem. They’re a subscription service solely dedicated to maintenance and repair services that you can use for your property. Between 2017-2019, they’ve grown their business by 400%. An astounding achievement.

Super allows you to acquire care and repair services for your home through a subscription model that helps you cover breakdowns and allows you to manage the logistics for many of the home services that you’ll be needing. Moreover, they have a fantastic in-depth maintenance schedule that helps you prevent problems, along with an option to have them take charge of the routine maintenance tasks for your home.

They provide you a premium service quality for your home by partnering with the best local servicers that help them deliver on their promise. Their repair and maintenance services are quick, effective and provided at predictable costs. They achieve that with the help of technology to help make everything easier and more convenient for you.

Some people might be questioning the subscription model employed by Super as it’s not the norm in this sector but here’s the thing – home repairs and maintenance costs can be quite high and breakdowns are often unexpected. Therefore, the costs can be exuberant and unbudgeted. Super’s subscription model allows you to have the space to easily budget your home repair expenses.

Moreover, they allow you to receive all covered repairs for one price with the convenience of automatic payment. These are all the benefits and added benefits of choosing Super.

Super Plans

1.    Secure ($64/Paid Monthly — $729/Annually)

(You can add optional coverage items later in the checkout process.)

Appliances Systems Maintenance Services Optional Coverage
Dishwasher Air Conditioning Re-Key Service Washer ; Dryer


Range/Over/Cooktop Heating System / Heat Pump Preseason A/C ; Heating System Tune-Up Service Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker ; Dispenser (Covered)
Built-in Microwave Ductwork Lawn Fertilization Service It’s Covered Upgrade


Garbage Disposal Interior Plumbing Lawn Pre-emergent Service Brand-for-Brand Appliance Upgrade



Trash Compactor Water Heater Weed Kill Treatment Outdoor Plumbing



Range Exhaust Fan Interior Electrical Carpet Cleaning Service Smart Home Devices


Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker ; Dispenser Ceiling Fans Window Cleaning Service HVAC Equipment Incompatibility Coverage


Clothes Washer Central Vacuum Pest Control Service Additional Refrigeration Units


Clothes Dryer Garage Door Openers Termite Treatment Built-in Pool/Spa


  Sprinkler ; Timer System Ceiling Fan ; Light Fixture Installation Saltwater Pool/Spa


    Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Additional Pool Pumps


      Water Softener


      Guest House


      Septic System


      Well Pump



2.    Signature ($75/Paid Monthly — $869/Annually)

This plan includes everything from their Secure plan, along with the following:

Optional Coverage (You can add these items later in the checkout process) Cost
Washer ; Dryer Covered
Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker ; Dispenser Covered


It’s Covered Upgrade Covered
Brand-for-Brand Appliance Upgrade $150
Outdoor Plumbing $100
Smart Home Devices $50
HVAC Equipment Incompatibility Coverage $95
Additional Refrigeration Units $50
Built-in Pool/Spa $200
Saltwater Pool/Spa $395
Additional Pool Pumps $75
Water Softener $75
Guest House $250
Septic System $75
Well Pump $100


3.    Lux ($119/Paid Monthly — $1399/Annually)

This plan includes everything from their Signature plan, along with the following:

Additional Items Optional Coverage (You can add these items later in the checkout process)
Brand-for-Brand Appliance Upgrade Washer ; Dryer


Outdoor Plumbing Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker ; Dispenser


Smart Home Devices It’s Covered Upgrade


Warming ; Cooling Drawers Brand-for-Brand Appliance Upgrade


Gas Fireplaces ; Outdoor Gas Fire Pots/Pits Outdoor Plumbing


Landscape Lighting Smart Home Devices


Expanded Coverage Limits HVAC Equipment Incompatibility Coverage


  Additional Refrigeration Units


  Built-in Pool/Spa


  Saltwater Pool/Spa


  Additional Pool Pumps


  Water Softener


  Guest House


  Septic System


  Well Pump


What’s Covered?

Appliance Secure (Per Occurrence) Signature (Per Occurrence) Lux (Per Occurrence)
Dishwasher $3000 $3000 $10,000
Range/Oven/Cooktop $3000 $3000 $10,000
Built-in Microwave $3000 $3000 $10,000
Garbage Disposal $3000 $3000 $10,000
Trash Compactor $3000 $3000 $10,000
Range Exhaust Fan $3000 $3000 $10,000
Systems Secure Signature Lux
Air Conditioning Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Heating System/ Heat Pump Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ductwork Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Interior Plumbing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Plumbing Stoppages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Water Heater $1,500 (per occurrence) 1,500 (per occurrence) Unlimited
Interior Electrical $5,000 per plan $5,000 per plan Unlimited
Ceiling Fans $250 per occurrence $250 per occurrence $500 per occurrence
Central Vacuum Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Garage Door Openers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sprinkler System ; Timer $1,000 per plan $1,000 per plan $2,000 per plan
Additional Items Secure (Per Occurrence) Signature (Per Occurrence) Lux (Per Occurrence)
It’s Covered upgrade Mentioned below Mentioned below (Covered) Mentioned below (Covered)
Washer ; Dryer $3,000 (covered) $3,000 (covered) $10,000 (covered)
Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker ; Dispenser $3,000 (covered) $3,000 (covered) $10,000 (covered)
Brand-for-Brand Appliance Upgrade $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 (covered)
Outdoor Plumbing $2,000 per plan $2,000 per plan $2,000 per plan (covered)
Smart Home Devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HVAC Equipment Incompatibility Coverage $5,000 per plan $5,000 per plan $5,000 per plan
Additional Refrigeration Units $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Built-in Pool/Spa $3,000 per plan $3,000 per plan $3,000 per plan
Salt Water Pool/Spa $3,000 per plan $3,000 per plan $3,000 per plan
Additional Pool Pumps Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Water Softener $1,000 per plan $1,000 per plan $1,000 per plan
Guest House Same as Plan Limits Same as Plan Limits Same as Plan Limits
Septic System $1,000 per plan $1,000 per plan $1,000 per plan
Well Pump $500 $500 $500


It’s Covered Upgrade Items (Included in Signature ; Lux)

·      Heating (Registers and grills)

·      Indoor Plumbing (Faucets + Shower-heads, pressure regulators, sewage ejectors, instant hot water, dispensers, etc.)

·      Water Heater (Expansion tanks along with problems caused by sediment)

·      Enhanced Stoppage Coverage

·      Indoor Electrical (Built-in lighting fixtures, smoke detectors, and doorbells)

·      Range/Cooktop/Oven (Rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs, dials, and interior)

·      Lining Dishwasher (Racks, baskets, and rollers)

·      Microwave Oven (Shelves, door glass, and interior linings)

·      Garage Door (Hinges, springs, and remote transmitters)

·      Permits ; Code Upgrades

·      Refrigerant Recapture ; Disposal

·      Equipment Disposal

·      Structural Modifications (to accommodate replacement equipment)

What Makes Super’s Home Warranties Better than Others?

The home warranty business can be extremely tricky to understand. Most of them promise big but fail to deliver. That’s why it can be difficult to trust anybody after a bad experience. You want an experience that doesn’t leave you with any regrets.

You might have been looking at various reviews for home warranty companies but none of them impressed you. Right? Perhaps because those are lists for ‘Best of the worst’ home warranty companies.

Don’t waste your time with companies like that. Super is the answer that you’ve been looking for. They not only help you take care of the repairs and maintenance of your house but also help you care for your home. Whether your house needs some urgent repairs or routine maintenance – they’ll always be there for you.

It’s really convenient as well. You can avail their services over the phone, the internet, or through your mobile phone. They’re there for you, whenever you need them – always at your service. Their service providers are the best in the business and they send them over to you at your own convenience.

Furtheremore, they not only repair your covered appliances and systems but also replace them if they break.

Too good to be true? Well, here’s a comparison of Super’s Subscription Care vs. a Typical American Home Warranty to help you believe:

  Super Subscription Care Typical American Home Warranty
Breakdown Coverage Yes Yes
More predictable expenses Complete home care Breakdowns only
Discounts Any home service Appliances only
Co-pay, not service/visit fee Only per-breakdown Service/visit fee every time
Maintenance Reminders Yes No
Concierge for maintenance services Yes No
Earn Service Rewards toward maintenance needs Yes No
Home data in one digital place Yes No
High quality service network Yes No
Visits monitored via mobile technology Yes No
Fewer exclusions on coverage Yes No
Helps increase home value Yes No


Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of benefits and drawbacks for Super’s Home Warranty plans: 

Pros Cons
Unlimited service appointments Availability in select cities (Washington, D.C. and five other states)
Pre-existing conditions are covered High pricing for plans
One service fee is charged per repair/breakdown  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Super Home Warranty’s Coverage

·      When can I request service?

As soon as you become a member, a high-quality service/repair will be coordinated for you through Super’s Concierge.

·      How often can I schedule service?

As mentioned above, there is absolutely no limit to the number of service appointments with Super. Super is here to help you and takes great pride in always putting their customers first. Therefore, they’ll help you care for your home either through annual check-ups or monthly maintenance – whichever you prefer.

·      Does Super cover maintenance?

Whichever Super plan you choose, it has a package of maintenance services e.g. HVAC tune ups and carpet cleaning. The co-pay for each service is $75. Moreover, Super sends you weekly maintenance tips to remind you when it’s time to clean your appliances and systems. You can either do it yourself or have them do it for you. If you want Super to handle it for you, all you have to do is submit a request to their team and they’ll take care of the rest. In order to offset the cost, you can also apply for any Service Reward.

·      Can my plan be transferred if I sell my home?

Yes, it can be done easily. All you have to do is call them at 844-99-SUPER. This can be done if your property’s ownership is changed during the coverage period, in which case, the coverage may be transferred to the new owner.

Also, if you’re moving to a new property and you are current subscriber, a new subscription plan, specific to that property, must be purchased.

·      Why would I choose a Super pro instead of finding a service provider myself?

Choosing a good service provider can be a big hassle. Especially if you don’t know much about what you’re looking for. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on the internet, looking for service providers and then spending even more time reading their reviews.

Super helps you connect with the best servicers at good prices. You also get discounts through them, which you wouldn’t get normally. That’s possible because of Super’s bulk buying power. Moreover, if you already have a servicer that you feel is great, Super will definitely take your suggestion and be open to partnering up with them as the suggestions of their subscribers is given great importance.


Super is a great option for anyone who’s trying to find a home warranty option. Super falls flat in some areas while excelling at others. This whole review was an attempt to show you all the aspects of the services that the company provides, with as much detail as possible, so that you can make up your own mind while looking at all the factors.

Their platform is very user-friendly and it’s available on all smart devices. It provides great convenience to its customers.  You can also easily track your expenses, services, etc. Their coverage is extremely quick and is available to you 15 days earlier than many of their competitors. Moreover, their Concierge/maintenance services include: air filter changes, smoke detector tests, and chimney cleaning, among many others.

These aforementioned points are some of the best things about Super. But there are some drawbacks as well.

Their nationwide presence is quite limited while their plans are more expensive than some of their other competitors.

These are some of the things that you should definitely consider when making a choice.






Super raises $20M to fix the home services and repairs market with its subscription service


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